W Home Mosquito Repellent Watch

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  • BABY MOSQUITO REPELLENT WATCH: W Home Mosquito Repellent watch attract children because of its distinctive and gorgeous patterns
  • HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE: Repellent watch successfully repels mosquitoes and is created with non-toxic chemicals
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT DESIGN: The watch is easy to carry and light in weight, with a 45-day shelf life
  • USAGE: You can easily wear it on your ankle or wrist, depending on your preference
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

See What People Are Saying!

Joyce Fida


This product really help to keep bugs away. I bought this product for this summer to say goodbye finally to those pesky mosquitos.

Mian Qasim


100% satisfied with this product. Wear a baby mosquito repellent watch, mosquitoes dare not approach you, avoid the trouble of hanging mosquito nets, and give you breathable, Quiet, and good sleep.

Nasir Javed


The Mosquito repellent watch works well to keep mosquitos away. I really love the idea, the look, and the effectiveness. After buying this my baby is safe from mosquitoes.

Suniya Amir


Excellent product for Babies. My son has eczema and he can't use any bug spray, this device works like a charm to keep the mosquitos away. I am satisfied this Baby mosquito repellent watch.

Ali Abbas Naqvi


I want an environmentally friendly device, so I did some research and found out that this company is all about that. Baby mosquito repellent watch work effectively. It's completely safe for kids too. You can also put it around your ankle if you get bitten a lot on your feet. I can finally go for a walk without having to worry about mosquitoes.



Fast customer support. I bought this watch but its light not working. I contact customer support and they replaced it immediately. Great value for money as well! Very comfortable as well when wearing it.

Sidra Khan


This is a very interesting item. The science behind this item is intriguing. I have been using this for several weeks now. NO BITES. Baby mosquito killer watch work very effectively.

Sadyia Babar


There are many mosquitos outside the home. I like to play soccer at night and the mosquitos always bite me. With this product, I can play comfortably.

Umar Malik


I strongly recommend this to anyone who is active outside and hates mosquitoes. I tend to have a lot of mosquito bites and since I got this Mosquito Repellent Watch, I never get bitten outside anymore!!



This mosquito watch is the ideal option if you hate putting on mosquito-repellent products (especially the smell). We got it for our baby, he loves to run around with it “scaring away” the mosquitoes.