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  • Ideal Grains Combination: Himalayan Chef mix porridge is a perfect blend of three types of porridge. It contains millet, barley, and wheat porridge with all of their health outcomes.
  • Golden Source Of Nutrients: This ideal mixture of porridges is a pack of nutrients and antioxidants. It contains iron, potassium, sodium, and B vitamins. Each nutrient has its specific role in your overall health.
  • Fiber Dense: The Himalayan Chef Mix Porridge contains a good amount of dietary fiber. Fiber helps maintain ideal weight and digestive health.
  • Earthy Flavor: This blend of porridges gives an earthy sensational flavor. This flavor can increase your appetite. Moreover, you can add flavors to enhance its taste.
  • Certified Non-GMO: This product by Himalayan Chef is certified as non-GMO. It means that no modification is done to the grains during the production of mixed porridge to enhance texture and taste.
  • Hygienic Packaging: Himalayan Chef Mix Porridge is packaged in hygienic packaging using traditional techniques. It is available in resealable craft packaging. This packaging keeps it moisture free.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Himalayan Chef provides a money-back guarantee to customers who are not satisfied with the quality of the product, whereas our team strives to provide good quality products with major benefits.

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