Lole's Soap Lavender - 150g

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  • NATURAL SOAP BAR: Lole’s Bar Soap contains natural extracts and vitamin E for extra moisture and refreshing cleansing of the body
  • PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Made with plant-based ingredients, this bar soap leaves a pleasant sensation on your skin
  • NATURAL AROMA: The body bar has a soothing and refreshing fragrance that gives you an energized feeling
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: Only natural and chemical-free substances go into the bar soap, ensuring gentle care for all skin types
  • MULTIPLE SCENTS: The product is available in 3 natural scents including rose, lavender, jasmine, almond, aloe vera, and olive oil
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products

See What People Are Saying!

Muhammad Afzal


I’m not a shaving cream girl, so I make sure what soap I use can double for shaving. This soap has a rich lather that makes razors glide effortlessly, and rinses clean.

Madeeha Waqar


I have used this soap for a long time. Made with good stuff and makes my skin feel clean. Only one I’ll use This soap is wonderful, it has the best smell and is great for your skin. I won’t use any other kind!

Mian Sarwar Razi


As advertised, the soap is extra gentle on skin. Nice scent that doesn't overwhelm

Sidra Mudassar


Finally got the one I actually ordered for as one reason I’ve received the lavender one & while it’s great my boyfriend Is allergic & so very excited to have received the correct item!!!!!

Waqas Madiha


Absolutely the best soap for sensitive skin, and I should know. I have tried many different soaps, goat milk, every so called sensitive soap on the market, this is the very, very best hands down.

Ahmed Siddiqui


My wife and I love this soap. Anytime I catch a deal I stock up.

Zeshan azeem


First used this in the Lahore and have been using ever since. Not expensive for a bar of soap and long lasting and premium feel. Worth the money.

Princess Charm


Not a hard soap so goes rather quickly Very gentle on the skin and the lavender fragrance is relaxing

Azeem Yousuf


A big bar that lasts quite a while, with a very strong fragrance. If you like these fragrances, you’ll love this bar. I prefer a soap that is strongly scented, but if strong scents bother you this may not be the bar for you.

Salik Mohammad Ali


What’s not to love about finding the perfect soap for your skin that lasts over a month! Even my husband will say, where is MY soap. I have to laugh cause this man is into practicality and he believes and knows it’s worth every penny!