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  • BABY FACIAL KIT: Your small ones can quickly begin the skincare routine with the WBM Baby Care Baby Facial Kit
  • SKINCARE SET: A nourishing face cream, a moisturizing lip balm, and a mild liquid hand wash are all included in the Baby Skincare Set
  • HAND WASH: To thoroughly clean your baby's hands and protect them from dirt and germs, use Baby Hand Wash, which is all-natural and healthy
  • NOURISHING FACE CREAM: Baby Face Moisturizer leaves baby cheeks smooth and supple after naturally healing their dry, patchy condition
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


‘An Ultimate Baby Self-Grooming Facial Kit’

Hey Kiddos! Get Your Own Little Spa Day!

Kids love to be independent & we too let them take care of themselves! With WBM Baby Facial Kit, your little ones can get in on the skincare routine real fast. They'll love using the products and you, as a parent, will be so proud of them for taking care of their skin.

This Baby Skincare Set includes a gentle liquid hand wash (that can be used as a face wash too), a nourishing face cream, and a moisturizing lip balm. With regular use, these products will leave your baby's skin feeling soft, smooth, and overall healthy. THE BEST PART? It's all-natural and gentle enough for even the most sensitive baby skin.


‘Leading The Way For Healthy, Happy Families’

WBM Baby Care is a fearless advocate for your best parenting decisions, offering the smartest solutions for your baby-related concerns. The entire Baby Care product series is put on the table after years of testing & validation. The brand and its products deeply revolve around these 3 things: 

  • Innovation 
  • Technology 
  • Nature 


‘100% Plant-Based Ingredients'

You know that feeling when you meet someone and just know it's going to work out? We assure you that you’ll have the same response to our Organic Baby Skincare Kit as it is infused only with the most natural and safe ingredients. Other than that; 



Wash Up On Your Own, Kiddos!

Your baby is never too young to learn how to wash his hands! WBM Baby Care Kids Hand Soap is a fun & creative way to teach your children about self-hygiene. They'll love the foamy soap and the fun colors, and you'll love not having to worry about them getting their hands dirty.


You can use this ultimate baby hand soap as a BABY FACE WASH too! It’s that gentle!


‘Ultra-Moisturizing Natural Face Cream’

Kids love to put face cream on themselves, and it makes them feel all grown up. Our WBM Baby Care Moisturizing Face Cream is perfect for kids who are in their exploring and learning phases of childhood. They will love the fact that they don't have to wait for someone else to put it on them, and you'll love the fact that it's one less thing you have to do. 


Dreamy Displays For Little Ones!

We Stand Out From The Rest. Any Guesses, Why?

  • Our Baby Self-Care Kit is attractively & thoughtfully designed for kids with bright, fun & unique packaging to make sure they feel loved and special.
  • Kids Safety Locks prevent spillage so that your little ones can have the safest ‘ME’ time. 


Expose Your Baby To The Good Stuff!

Your baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, so you want to make sure you're using products that will nourish as well as protect it. The WBM Baby Care facial skincare kit is perfect for keeping your little one's skin healthy and hydrated. Made with natural ingredients, this kit is safe for even the most sensitive skin types. 

‘It’s All Safe, Pure & Gentle.’

  • Chemical-Free
  • 100% Responsibly Sourced 
  • Pediatrician Recommended 
  • Dermatologically Tested  
  • Hypoallergenic 

× NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Steroids, Colorants, Artificial Scents, etc!

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The Baby Facial Kit is amazing! The face cream absorbs quickly, leaves skin silky, and soft, and has a mild aroma. I use it first on my face before applying it to my 6-year-old daughter's face since I test everything I apply to her delicate skin, and we both adore it so far.

Moez Ali


This WBM Baby care Facial Kit is favorite of both my children and mine. First off, I appreciate that it didn't leak while in transit. It has a connected component so that it won't unintentionally pump while being transported. The top has a petal-like appearance, which my kids find amusing. The fact that this hand soap is all-natural, free of dyes and strong scents, and plant-based. Due to the extreme sensitivity of 2 of my children, we exclusively use products made from plants without the addition of dyes or scents.



Got my Baby Care Facial Kit before time impressive. Great packing. All products are original and packed well. Buy more soon. Thanks WBM

Usman Maalik


The WBM Baby Care Facial Kit is a great way to keep your baby's skin clean and healthy. This kit is a great value to money and would make a great gift for a new parent.

Umme Hani Khan


I'm really happy with the WBM Baby Care Facial Kit! Got this kit in discounted price yes I'm lucky one. it's perfect for keeping my baby's Skin soft, hydrated and smooth. Packing is great. customer service is very responsive. Recommended this kit

Salim Arabi


I am always looking for ways to take care of my baby's skin. My friend recommend this kit. I was really impressed with how well the products worked. The hand wash was gentle and didn't leave hands feeling dry or irritated. The lip balm was also very moisturizing and it lasted a long time. The face cream was light but still felt very hydrating. 100% Recommended to every one.

Mahhah Qayyum


Great kit with decent light scent. Packed great and comes with fast delivery. I really like this baby facial kit! It include hand wash, baby lip balm, and baby face cream. All of the products are very gentle & leave my baby skin feeling soft and smooth. I would definitely recommend.

Nazar Karim


This baby facial product I ever used! It comes with a hand wash, lip balm, and face cream, all of which are perfect for my baby's sensitive skin. These products are perfect for keeping my baby's skin hydrated. Buy more soon

Allah Bachayo Bhanbhro


If you're looking for an all-in-one facial kit for your baby, the WBM Baby Care Little Bundle of Joy Baby Facial Kit is a great option. The kit includes a baby hand wash, baby lip balm and baby face cream, all of which are gentle and effective. I love that the products are all natural and free of harsh chemicals. My baby's skin has never looked so good!

Misbah Saeed


This baby facial kit is amazing! It comes with a baby hand wash, baby lip balm and baby face cream. The hand wash is gentle and doesn't dry out skin. The lip balm is moisturizing and the face cream is perfect for my sensitive skin. This kit has everything I need to keep my baby's skin healthy and looking great! 100% recommended to every mom!