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  • LIQUID HAND SOAP: WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash is made with therapeutic grade extracts, great for keeping your hands clean, hydrated and soft
  • HYDRATING & NOURISHING: The Hand Soap is infused with vitamin E, amino acids, natural botanical extracts, and Himalayan pink salt that locks the moisture in the skin for a long time
  • PLANT-BASED AROMA: Pleasant aroma from natural plant-based extract soothes your mind and enhances the pleasure of hand washing
  • EXTRA CARE FOR HANDS: The Hand Wash contains natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals like artificial colorants, silicone, parabens, or SLSs
  • MULTIPLE VARIANTS: This Liquid Hand Soap is available in 4 unique natural variants including Lavender & Almond, Sandalwood & Jasmine, Tea Tree & Rosemary, and Lemon & Green Tea
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products


Help Protect & Cleans Hands

One of the main healthy habits that greatly reduces your risk of contracting many diseases and improves your health is washing your hands with soap and water. WBM Care Sandalwood & Jasmine hand Soap is the ultimate solution to eliminate germs and grime from your hands. Make it a routine to wash your hands before and after each meal, when you come inside from the outside, and after touching anything because bacteria and viruses are constantly present in our surroundings.


Free of harsh chemicals and synthetic additives

Rough and dry hands can occasionally result from frequent hand washing. WBM Care liquid hand Soap is ideal for returning your hands to their natural texture. Natural hand soap makes your skin feels clean, hydrated, and healthy. 

  • Great lather without harsh chemicals
  • Rinses Squeaky clean
  • Skin is left silky and smooth
  • Plant-powered ingredients


Fragrant Hands, Smooth Skin.

To provide excellent hand washing, WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash comprises natural ingredients. Sandalwood & Jasmine, both made with just the purest, natural components, are known for creating soft, moisturized skin.

Sandalwood: Antioxidants found in sandalwood oil aid in maintaining the structure and buoyancy of skin cells. Additionally, it improves skin's suppleness by replenishing moisture and reducing dryness.

Jasmine: Jasmine soothes rashes, itchiness, and dry skin


Clear those germs from your hands immediately!

With WBM Care Liquid Hand Wash, you can guarantee secure and clean Hand Hygiene.  The use of this hand soap reduces and stops the transmission of germs by removing more than 99% of bacteria from the hands. The soap comes in an easy-to-use pump that dispenses the right amount of liquid for proper hand cleaning. The formula is gentle toward the skin yet harsh towards dirt and bacteria. 


Perk up your hands!

The Liquid hand wash has no hazardous effects because it is made using a paraben-free formula, hypoallergenic, and toxic-free formula. Your mind will be calmed by the natural essence and qualities of Sandalwood & Jasmine, while your skin will be moisturized. Natural Himalayan Pink Salt found in hand soap functions as a healer by relaxing skin irritations and soothing and healing your skin. 

  • 100% Pure
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Contain Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • No Harsh Chemicals


Wash with care!

  1. Wet your hands.
  2. Apply soap; wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Scrub palms together
  4. Hand to Hand
  5. In between your finger
  6. Nails and back too!
  7. Get your hands rinsed and dry with a single-use towel.

See What People Are Saying!

Aamir Saeed


Love the smell of these hand soaps - my guests always comment on the smell too! Just so fresh and pleasant. Will continue to keep buying

Amir Zahoor khan


WBM soft soap/hand soap. Pretty nice. First, I like the larger bottle/container. Comes out easily, scent nice. At first i thought a bit odd, but it's nice. Not sweet and flowery. Just nice. and while this may sound odd, my hands feel "clean" after using...... a little different than other soaps. Will try for a while, but this is looking like our replacement soap.

Shahzaib Malik


This hand wash smells like lemon-grass. Very good liquid soap, it is gentle on the skin; it will not over-dry the hands. The consistency of the soap is very good because it is not too runny and not too heavy. Very good value for the money, the bottles hold a lot of ounces. The green design on the bottle goes well in my black and white bathroom.

Dani Dani


When I buy a hand wash, I only ask for four things: a good scent, easy-to-use pump, god cleaning power, and good value. This WBM Care hand wash fulfills all of my requirements very well.

Muhammad Ali


This liquid soap does clean my hands well-enough and I do like the lemony scent that I smell while washing and the lingering scent, but what I do like the most is that this soap does not leave the skin on my hands feeling a size too small. So many liquid soaps do that and yes, I can fix that by slathering on lotion, but the point is, should I have to? This soap doesn't make me ask that question or run for a tube of hand lotion as soon as my hands are dry.

Zunaira ahmed


Hand soap smells great. It makes your hands feel soft without all the addictive chemicals. Quite surprise how moist by hands stayed. Fast shipping than I was expecting!



I just received my 3 hand soaps. After trying ... WOW. so nice. And the packaging was amazing!!! Thank You so much!!! These soaps are much larger than I expected... I like most of the scents. I like that your hand feels clean after. A lot of soaps leave a residue.

Muatter Zahra


I absolutely love this soap! I didn't realize how big the bottles would be. They smell amazing! They come wrapped so you don't have to worry about them opening. I would highly recommend, and I will be purchasing more.

Mamoonah Akhtar


This hand wash arrived today, high quality box. The soap itself has a lovely fragrance, lathers nicely and leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and will order again!

Muhammad Faisal


This liquid hand wash has a very nice feel on hands and the scent is very soft and delightful. Very generous amount for the money.