Natural Solution Hand Wash Marula Oil - 400ml

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  • NATURAL HAND WASH: Natural Solution Hand Wash soothes and protects your hands with a natural plant-based formula
  • INSTANT SKIN REPAIR: Honey, Vitamin E, coconut oil, and jojoba oil are combined in our Liquid Hand Wash, which repairs the hands from dryness
  • PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS: Pink Salt complements this Liquid Natural Hand Wash with its plentiful health benefits and 84+ minerals
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: Our products rely heavily on natural ingredients, without preservatives, parabens, colors, or SLS
  • MULTIPLE VARIANTS: This Liquid Hand Soap is available in 4 unique variants including Natural Honey, Marula, Lavender, and Blood Orange
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products.


Brighter, Hydrating Skin. 

A Natural Solution that Works! 

When you need to reset after a long day of being out and about. So, comes the Natural Solution Hand Wash! Using the power of nature’s purest ingredients, this organic hand wash cleanses your hands with natural Marula extract, adding a boost of antioxidants and vitamins that locks in moisture and leave your hands refreshed and healthy every day. 


Crafted with Love, In Harmony with Nature

Nature’s bounty, in a bottle! We put our trust in products that are made with natural ingredients, and rightfully so. You can find all the nourishment your skin needs to feel soft, smooth, and healthy with our Natural Solution Hand Wash. Made with natural ingredients, this silky moisturizing hand wash will refresh your hands and revive you. 


Organic Marula Oil Extract 

Bliss in a bottle! This Hand Wash is such a revitalizing way to start the day. The invigorating scent of pure Marula Oil extract will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized while giving your skin a powerful boost of vitality.  

Besides Marula Oil, We Love These! 

Vitamin E
  • For Skin Nourishment 
  • Hydrates & Protects skin 
  • Hydrates & Protects skin 
Natural Coconut Oil
  • Fatty Acids create a protective barrier for skin
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal properties
Jojoba Oil
  • Soothing sensation on the skin
  • Relieves dryness & chapped skin


A Mix of 84+ Rich Minerals! 

All the goodness of 84+ minerals in one! This invigorating hand wash with Himalayan Pink Salt is packed with vital minerals for your skin’s wellness and health. Pink Salt in the organic hand wash gives a natural solution that hydrates and rejuvenates your skin. The salt ions clean and recharge your cells, and exfoliates the skin cells, revealing softer and smoother skin. 


Moisturizing & Refreshing

Everyday care of your hands doesn’t need to be a chore with our Marula hand wash. Its natural-based formula helps retain the skin’s moisture, leaving your hands feeling soft and supple all day long without irritation or dryness. 

Why Choose the Marula Oil Hand Wash? 

  • Marula Oil for Skin Care: Protective skin barrier 
  • Anti-Aging: Full of omega oils & fatty acids, Vitamin E & C to reduce aging signs
  • Deep Nourishing Care: Nourishing & Moisturizing Hand Care
  • Ideal Cleanser: Rich Foam that works for deep cleansing
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties: Protects skin from environmental damage & infuses antioxidants to soothe irritation 


Safe & Chemical-Free.

Goodbye Toxins! This Liquid Hand Wash is made of gentle and safe ingredients for all skin types. The formula replaces harsh chemicals with the purest natural ingredients. That means no irritation or dryness for any of you! 

Guess What’s Not in There?

× NO SLS, Silicone, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Colorants & Artificial Scents!

Also, Our Naturally Scented Liquid Hand Wash Is;

                              Clinically Tested 
                              Notably Certified 

See What People Are Saying!

Syed Aamir Shah


I love this soap! It smells amazing. I love the lavender smell. It makes your hands feel very clean. It’s gentle so it’s good for everyone to use.

Tasneem akhter


Love this soap! It smells great and is the perfect size and amount to just stick by my sink. Love that it is natural as well so I feel better about using it. I would definitely recommend especially since the pricing is super reasonable!

WBM Customer Service


This soap has a nice clean scent, not over powering, in anyway, just a hint of clean smell. Best of all it doesn't dry out my hands as most any soap does. I really like and recommend this hand soap.

Punjab House


This hand soap from Natural Solution leaves your hands with a light lavender scent- not too over powering. I love how it doesn't make your hands feel dry after using it, like some other more chemical based brands do. The vitamin E, coconut and jojoba oil leave your skin feeling extremely soft.

Amna Palwasha


Very pleased. If this company has more products, I'll probably seek them out. I like their customer care service too. they responded on time and deliver this hand wash in time, such a fast service in Pakistan. 100% recommended....

Alizeah Abid Shirazee


I love this line of hand soaps. I was drying out my hands using dish soap to wash my hands in the kitchen. This line has saved my cuticles. The lavender isn't overpowering, and it is more of a powdery soft lavender than a harsh chemical smelling one you sometimes find in soaps and household products.

Zeeshan naeem


The soap itself has a strong but pleasant scent, so if you are sensitive to smells you will want to skip this one. If not, scoop it up. The lavender scent is just perfect for me, not chemical at all and slightly lingering so you can enjoy it after washing your hands. The soap is gentle but effective. Two of my kids have very sensitive skin and they are able to use it. Over all a nice, luxurious treat for my hands!

waleed khan


This scent smells great and is long lasting! I find myself texting and can still smell my hands! It's a nice calming scent I can enjoy throughout the day.

Muneeba Faisal


One thing I like to do is to suds up my hands and then raise them slightly to inhale the lavender. This is a nice aromatherapy benefit!

Muhammad Sufyan Khan


While I like the shape and size of bottle and pump, I would prefer a different label. I find orange to be energizing and not soothing -- and lavender is a soothing scent. And while I think a nicer label would contribute more to aesthetic in my bathroom, it isn't a deal breaker and I would purchase again. I may even try another one of their scents next time -- possibly blood orange.