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  • Energy-Efficient: Want energy-saving and energy-efficient light bulbs? Himalayan Glow LED Light Bulbs are here that have high-efficiency LED chips with nickel-plated lamp holders for the lighting
  • Warm White Light: LED Bulb has cool warm white light, mercury-free with 470 lumens of brightness and 6500K CCT
  • Eye Protection: Operate the LED-function Bulb at the same as traditional bulb watts that provides an overwhelming illumination in your space with no strain on your eyes
  • E27 Base Holder: The base of an E27 light bulb is shaped to match various types of lamps, such as a chandelier, floor lamp, or desk lamp
  • Availability: This LED Light Bulb is available in cool white light at different watts: 7W, 9W, and 12W
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers

See What People Are Saying!

Raheela Tayyab


Sometimes Give Dim Light ''I bought 4 LED light bulbs. 3 of them are just wonderful and have worked as mentioned in the description. But the 4th one sometimes give the dim light. Sometimes, it shines up to its capacity. So, this is the problem which I have faced so far. Overall, these bulbs are good to use.''

Maheer Ch


Start Flickering ''Mine bulb has started to flicker after some period of time. It was working great and then one day, there was an abrupt change in electricity for some period of time. So, the bulb started to flicker. After that it is not giving the constant light. I think I have to change this one now.''

Sharmeen Alam


See the Real Things ''I was looking for the LED bulb which shows me the real appearance of the things. As most of the times, the same thing shows one color in the room light and the different one in the sunlight. I was going to avoid this and after searching a lot, I have found this one. This is working great and is also available at a reasonable price. Happy Shopping!''

hadia zaighum


Great Brand ''I am saying this is a great brand because I am impressed by the customer care of this brand. I mistakenly purchased 5 bulbs while I only need 2. So, when I called them for returning, I got amazed that they agreed without even insisting. I am happy to share that I got all of my money back and the brand paid for the return fare as well. I am in love with this brand and its products. Will always buy from this brand.''

Masood Jafry


Energy Saving ''My house is a big one and there are a lot of bulbs used at night for illuminating purpose. The bulbs which I was using first consumed a large amount of electricity contributing a lot in the bill. Then a friend of mine suggested me to use this one. The difference between the electricity bills with these bulbs and the previous ones tells about how much energy efficient they are. These bulbs are worth the money. Highly Recommended!''

Ahmed Siddiqui


Long Lasting, High Quality ''The thing which I liked the most in this light bulb is the quality of material from which it is made of. It has been more than 2 years that I have been using this bulb in my room and it is still going good. Although the electricity fluctuates quite often in my area but it has been excellent. A cool and the best LED bulb.''

Maria khan


No Flashing ''This LED bulb does not flicker at all. My previous LED bulbs always start to flicker after some period of time and then I have to replace them. This is not the case with it. It has been providing a constant light right from the start till now. The brightness has not changed at all. A Great Valuable Bulb!''

Mrs Salman


Great Light, No Hindrance ''The one reason due to which I like this LED light bulb is the light coming from it. The light lights up my whole room and I don't have to sit at some specific location for study or for work. All the minor details on the pages or on the clothes are easily visible and I don't have to concentrate much for looking. A very good bulb. User Friendly!''

Madiha Javaid


A Protective Bulb, User-friendly ''One of the feature of this bulb which needs to be highlighted is that the light coming from it does not tease the eyes. The light does not cause any kind of problems for the eyes and you can easily use it for long periods."

Taimoor Malik


Versatile Bulb ''The scenarios in which this LED light bulb can be used is something special. I have been using it on the wall, on the ceiling, in table lamps or in different decorative items like chandeliers. It has always enhanced the beauty of the place while giving proper light. Simply, I can't live without these bulbs."