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  • Designed for: iPhone 13. This WBM Smart iPhone 13 Cover uses the latest high-quality material to keep the original color and design of the original phone, perfectly showing the beauty of your phone
  • Durable Material for Use: Although the iPhone 13 Cover Case is injection-molded, the casing has a high degree of resistance to bending or even removal
  • Anti-Slip Case for iPhone 13: The sides of the case are frosted for a handheld grip, making it difficult to lose the phone and the inside case material increases the phone’s stability inside
  • Drop Protection: 4 distinct shock absorption zones of the Cover Case provide maximum defense against edge impacts
  • Availability: This Cover Case for iPhone 13 is available in different colors depending on the user’s preferences. The available colors are pink, dark blue, aqua, black, and transparent cover case
  • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is Our Passion, so we always provide a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers
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Exclusive Luxury iPhone 13 Cover Case Revealed!

The new WBM Smart iPhone 13 Cover Caseis set to release this fall, and as always, there are a variety of different cases to choose from. This cover case is sure to be a hit with those who want the best possible and most functional iPhone 13.

Stylish and Cute iPhone 13 Cover that stands out from the crowd

Plus, features a high-quality sleek design that makes it perfect for those who want the latest and greatest in smartphone technology. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing its high-quality construction and soft, durable material that makes sure your investment is safe and well protected with this Cover Case for iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 cover

Charging the iPhone 13 With the Cover Case Has Never Been So Easy!

With the WBM Smart iPhone 13 Protective Case, you won't have to worry about this anymore. Our transparent and silicone covers support wireless charging without removing the back cover.

Easy access to the wireless charger and no more dislodging the cover case!

So, no more dislodging the iPhone 13 Case for wireless charging. Charging iPhone 13 with the protective silicone and transparent cover case is now a reality, making it the future of charging. We make it sure for you, so let’s give it a try!

Iphone cover case 4

Big Protection in a Small Package: iPhone 13 Double-Structured Cover

Keep your phone looking new with the double protection of a hard shell and soft fabric cover. iPhone 13 Cover Case doubles as a camera bag, keeping your camera safe and sound while you're on the go.

Why with a Double-Structured Cover Case?

Keeping it protected even on the toughest days. Your new phone is beautiful, but can it survive a hard day? The iPhone 13 Case doubles as both a tough TPU and Soft PC casing, keeping your phone looking handsome while defending it from drops and bumps. The TPU casing enhances the screen as well as provides camera protection.

Transparent iphone 13 case

Big Protection in a Small Package: iPhone 13 Double-Structured Cover

Protection, that is so complete, it’s hard to believe that it’s an iPhone 13 Cover Case! You are probably going to love how lifelike this protective cover appears.
Whether you're looking for something sleek and minimalistic or something with a bit of character, our cover options have you covered! The 360o protection will keep your screen from getting scratched or damaged in any fall! Plus, the cover case is durable, and the soft construction makes it feel like you are not even wearing a case at all.

Keep your iPhone 13 safe and protected in style with our new cover case!

Our case completely covers the back and sides of your iPhone 13, adding protection from drops and scratches. The iPhone 13 cover case features a scratch-resistant clear back and non-slip edges to keep your phone secure and in place no matter what.

cover case for iphone

Feel the Difference with the Soft, Comfortable iPhone 13 Cover

Have you ever used this iPhone 13 Case before? Why this iPhone 13 cover case is so soft? Well, we are here with the best quality iPhone 13 cover, satisfying you to the fullest. Keeps your Phone looking new! One of the best covers to protect your iPhone 13. Soft and comfortable to grip as well as the slim fit makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, the color selection personalizes your phone case to match your style. Start feeling the difference today!

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This Eye-Catching Cover Case Attracts Attention!

This Cover Case for iPhone 13 is not just a slim, stylish solution to your protection needs - it's also intriguing and downright fun. The transparent silicone cover is sleek and easy to maintain - perfect for showing off your phone's beautiful design.

Say Goodbye to those cumbersome cases that make the iPhone 13 look like something heavy. This one is sure to turn heads. Not only does it protect your device from daily wear and tear, but also looks great - making people take notice every time you use it. Trust us, adding one of these to your collection will make a difference!

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Get What You Think of Your iPhone 13 Cover Case!

Your phone is valuable to you, and you should protect it with the best possible case. Well, now we have a sneak peek! With this pocket-friendly iPhone 13 cover case, not only will your device be kept safe and sound, but it will also look great doing it!

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iPhone 13 Cover Brings Style Back to the Phone Industry!

A new and stylish way to protect your iPhone 13! The high-quality cover case protects your iPhone 13 fits well that comes in a variety of different colors. This stylish accessory brings back the style of the old one with the trending new covers. Get the one you like! Personalize your iPhone 13 with stylish and cute covers. The availability of silicone covers in different colors is sure to fit your personality and style. With so many options available, it's easy to find the perfect cover for your phone. So why not choose the one you like best?

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See What People Are Saying!

Iranin Butt


Affordable, Great within my Budget "This case serves all my needs and functions well without interfering the microphone usage. The phone cover is just what I was looking for as my phone was getting yellowed with time. But with the use of it, the phone is still in its original look. The product is perfect combination of great features and low price."

Rabia Maqsood


Advanced Microdot Technology "The property which I would like to appreciate and mention is that the phone case is water and stain resistant. After using this, you don't have to worry about single strain of water and smudge appearance just like me."

Hassan Iftikhar


Long Lasting and Durable "This phone case is long lasting. I have been using it for a long period of time and it has not been damaged or get soften at all. The high quality materials make this long lasting."

Faisal Wahid


Easy to Install and Disassemble "The two layer structure of iPhone 13 case made it easy to assemble and disassemble. You can quickly remove the cover in different events and for taking selfies. The case is pocket-friendly and overall a great product."

Raja Rizwan Shafiq


Full Body Coverage, Excellent Grip "One of the notable feature of this case is that it has 1.2mm raised lips to protect the camera and the screen sides from the wear and tear. Another thing which is generally missing in phone covers is the non-slip grip. This case is of great value."

Muhammad Junaid


Gave a New Look to my Phone, Feeling Happy "To order this phone cover has proved one of the best choices I have made while buying phone covers. The slim and sleek cover fits perfectly and the access to all ports remain easy. I am very happy that I bought it."

Sana khan


Shock-absorbing Air Gaurd Corners "A great feature and I am in love with this phone cover by WBM Smart due to this.The corners of the cover absorb the shocks and prevent the damage done to the phone if phone accidentally falls. I have experienced it that's why I am saying a good addition indeed."



Light Weight, No Extra Bulk Added "The one feature that I like the most about this phone cover is that it does not weighs too much. It just feels like I am holding only a phone."

Asad Qureshi


Soft Microfiber Lining Inside, Great Protection "The issue which I was facing that the phone covers were making scratches on my phone. A friend of mine, after seeing scratches on my phone recommended me to use WBM Smart cover. I agreed to him and now I don't have any regrets."

Ezza Rani


No Need to Remove Cover for Wireless Charging ''I was looking for such a case which supports wireless charging without removing it. I have tried numerous which were saying the same feature in the advertisement, but in reality they did not. That's why I was hesitant to buy this one, but it performed against my expectations and is working great so far."