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Don’t let the dirt control your life – clean your home with us! 

A clean home is always a happy home! A reflection of a strong work ethic and attention to detail. It can be difficult to keep up with the scrubbing and dusting, but with W Home! by your side, you'll have everything you need to achieve a spotless home in no time. Not only will your home be clean, but you'll also feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that you did it yourself. So, let this Home Cleaning Kit do the hard work for you while you relax and enjoy your free time.


All the Tools You Need! 

When it comes to cleaning your home, you need the right tools for the job. That's why we've put together this comprehensive home cleaning kit. Everything you need to get your home sparkling clean. What does the W Home Cleaning Kit include? 

  • Dishwashing Sponge Scourer 
  • Microfiber Cloth 
  • Floor Brush 
  • Multi-Color Cleaning Duster 
  • Broom Brush 


The Dishwashing Scrubber That Lasts!  

When it comes to cleaning dishes, you want a dishwashing sponge scourer that is going to get the job done right! So, Dishwashing Just Got Easier with W Home Dishwashing Sponge Scourer. With its powerful and abrasive design, this dishwashing sponge makes short work of cleaning up after even the most challenging meals. While the high absorbency ensures that your sponge scourer lasts through many uses, and won’t fall apart after a few uses. 


Clean Like A Pro! 

You don't have to be a professional cleaner to get your home looking its best. With the W Home Microfiber Cleaning Towel, you can easily clean like one. No more streaks or smears on your windows, mirrors, or stainless steel. Just add water and this magical towel does the rest. The Ultimate Cleaning Choice! Super-soft material, gentle on surfaces but effective in picking up dirt, dust, & debris. Lint-free & Streak-free surfaces after just one swipe! 


Making Cleaning A Breeze! 

There's good news if you're sick of scrubbing your floors on your hands and knees! The new Floor Brush makes cleaning a snap. A perfect tool for anyone who wants to get their floors clean quickly and easily. It’s time to say goodbye to backbreaking scrubbing and hello to clean floors! Whether you're cleaning up after a party or just want to keep your floors looking their best, W Home Floor Brush with Handle is the perfect solution. 


Broom Brush That Goes Beyond Sweeping! 

Rock a clean home! Broom Brush is the perfect tool for keeping your floors clean. The soft and hard bristles make it easy to sweep up any mess, while the non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip. Plus, the easy storage means you can keep it in your closet or under the sink without taking up too much space. So, when you are done with cleaning, the broom brush is easy to store away. 


Dust Like A Boss! 

Get the fluffiest and most effective dusting experience with the W Home Multi-Color Cleaning Duster! The fluffy PP fibers and electrostatic adsorption attract dust and hair, making it easy to quickly clean surfaces. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and maneuver around tight spaces. With 9 sections plastic protection cover, this duster is perfect for cleaning ceilings, walls, and furniture. You'll be able to get into all those hard-to-reach places, making your home sparkle from top to bottom. 

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See What People Are Saying!

Umar Ch


Works well With this Home Cleaning Kit, I'm happy. It arrived quickly, had little assembly, and was quite affordable.

Khushbakht Ruba Khan


Effective and easy to use These do a terrific job! Ceiling fans and high, difficult-to-reach spots are quite easy for me to clean. The duster also picks up the dust rather nicely.

Saad Waqas


Amazing Kit! The towels are soft, absorbent, and don't leave behind any small furry things. They continue to be vivid and silky even after numerous washings. Excellent for all surfaces.

Saira imran


My Favourite Kit! They are reasonably priced yet last ten times  than the brand that costs you a few cents less. Excellent brand!

Eng Rao Haseeb Amjad


Thanks WBM! Small and strong. I use for the walls and floor of my shower. Compared to scrubbing on my knees, this is so much faster and simpler!

Sannan Nasir


I wish I would of bought this sooner! Since our home is so dusty, we genuinely believed that purchasing this would be a waste of money since we go through one head so quickly. I could sweep half of my house with one head, which was incorrect! My house needed to be dusted in a fraction of the time. I wish I had bought this months ago because I love it so much!

Dilkusha Abbas


You have to buy these!!! I love this Home cleaning kit. All of the products are very soft and pleasant. superb size.They are fantastic for cleaning glass objects, which is something I normally struggle with. I often use the microfiber clothes and then simply toss in the laundry. Buy these clothes to help the earth! Great purchase!

Humza Afaf


The Best! I've tried the less expensive brands, and they fall short. These are the best and excellent value.   Compared to nearby shops, WBM price is the most favourable for me. They arrived in excellent shape. Happy with the purchase.

Farhan Adamjee


Great Value! Used it right away to clear up a tiny mess. Brush securely snaps into handle for convenient storage. decent size superior to the other one I have.Simple to use I would repurchase this kit.

Shah Khalid Muhammad


Perfect Kit to clean Home! I love the price of these. Always making sure I have an abundance of them. These products are ideal for cleaning and dusting. easy to use, great for regular tasks and stainless steel. Good Quality! 100% recomended.