Himalayan Glow Natural Aroma Salt Lamp 4-5 Lbs

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4.83 out of 5.0
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  • Punjab House


    This is a great Himalayan salt lamp oil diffuser. I love the color and how it glows. The essential oil I placed in the cup smells great and saturates my room with a wonderful fragrance. It has a loving, peaceful feel about it. Thank you for making an excellent and beautiful product.

  • asif


    I absolutely love this! I have two at home and many I gave as a gift. Great and prompt customer service as well, as the last one I purchase the lamp portion was malfunctioning, then the same day I sent them a message, I got a call from them and a new one was shipped to me the right way.

  • Fatima


    Love how you can adjust the brightness of the light. Such an amazing gift! My husband loves how it has helped him sleep better and feel better. Would buy again and again!

  • Himalayan Glow Natural Aroma Salt Lamp 4-5 Lbs