Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Salt lamp 15-20 Lbs

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  • Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Salt lamp 15-20 Lbs

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Freeha Sheikh


I love these lamps and all styles of them. I have them all over my house

Nabila Qureshi


This Himalayan salt lamp is amazing! I have two and love them both!!! Wonderful seller!!!

Mariam Sajid


Brightness is perfect with the dimmer option. Delivery seems to be rough on the package however the wrapping inside is sufficient to keep it safe! Thank you!

عزیر بن خالد


Definitely worth buying, gives off great glow. First time I ordered it it didn't work, but got a replacement and it was just fine. Has a dimmer, so it can double as a night light.

Noor Bilal


Gives varying light levels. Very soft ambient light. Sturdy and heavy.

Areeba shah


The lamp I received had a large crack (deep like a crevice) in it, and the lamp did not illuminate above the crack which ran around the circumference about midway up. I contacted the seller, who asked for a photo; when they saw it, they sent me a replacement. The new one is beautiful, illuminates all the way to the top, and I'm very happy.



My 12 year old daughter wanted a salt lamp for Christmas. This one is large and definitely salt. Yes, she licked it. We’ve had it for four months now and still works great.



Works great. Love the color. Need to pack the lamps better tho. My lamp was not secure in the mailing box. Need more better packing.



I was a little apprehensive when I ordered this because it is hard to tell how big it is and how sturdy it is. But I was pleasantly surprised. It feels like it is very sturdy. I'm not sure if the health benfits are really true with these salt lamps but it looks nice and is a nice accessory for our living room.

bushra gul


Not too bright, not too dim. Was slightly smaller than I expected, but still quite pleased.