Himalayan Chef Cooking Salt Round Plate 8"

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Pink Salt Round Cooking and Serving Plate | Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef Natural Rock Salt Plate is made of 100% Pure Pink Salt mined from the Himalayan Foothills of Pakistan and can withstand temperatures up to 500 F. Our Natural Rock Salt Cooking Plates are high in mineral content and impart an aromatic flavor to your meal when all of the nutrients are transmitted. Our Salt Plates are available in three sizes and are ideal for preparing steaks, BBQ, and grilling vegetables.

Round and Natural | Serving just got tastier!

Himalayan salt slabs make excellent serving platters. These blocks may be cooled in the refrigerator for serving foods like sushi or cheese, or frozen in the freezer for presenting cold treats like sorbet! Moist meals will absorb a more salty taste, but firmer and drier dishes will be presented more elegantly and creatively.

Culinary Uses | The best flavors discovered

Natural Rock Salt Cooking Plate can be used to prepare everything from sea cuisine to eggs. Refrigerate the salt plate for 30 minutes before using, and serve your dish on this Natural Rock Salt Cooking Plate for a delightfully healthful supper! This pink salt derived from the Himalayas over 250 million years ago provides your dish with the most amazing natural salt flavor that additional salt isn’t required. 

Pure and Healthy | In it for the long run

When foods are put on a Himalayan crystal salt slab, they acquire a light, clean, naturally salty flavor while absorbing minerals essential for good health and life. Thinly sliced fish such as salmon, tuna, and whitefish will begin to cure from the salt, which serves as a preservative when put on the Himalayan salt block for an extended length of time.

Cures food | Flavor like no other!

Thinly sliced meats, fish, and shellfish can be cured using Himalayan salt blocks. Simply chill your natural salt slab in the refrigerator for several hours before placing thin slices of tuna or beef straight onto the salt slab and watching the curing process. This 100% pure natural wonder's irregular colors of pink and different textures make for engaging discussion as well as a lovely, natural presentation platter for all your favorite dishes.

Cook your Favorite Dish | An Innovative Approach to Cooking

Place the salt block on one of your stove's burners. Begin by heating your salt block on low for 20 minutes, and then gradually increase to medium heat in 20-minute increments until the temperature reaches high. It is critical to gently heat the salt block. To test the temperature, add a drop of water. It's hot if it sizzles right away!

Brush the scallops or salmon fish lightly with olive oil, and season with freshly cracked 1 tsp. Himalayan Chef Black pepper, and place them directly on the salt block. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. When you flip the scallops, move them to a new location on the block for better contact.