Golden Raisin Mewa (Kishimish) Large Shaker - 0.48 lbs (220g) | Himalayan Chef

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  • Naturally Sweet: Himalayan Chef Golden Raisins are Naturally sweet without any artificial flavors. It can be used as a flavor enhancer in many conventional and non-conventional dishes.
  • Helps Weight Gain: Golden Raisins have a high content of healthy calories and protein. It may help in gaining or maintaining weight in a healthy way. Protein also plays many vital roles in your body.
  • No Gluten: Raisins are gluten-free, making them suitable for celiac patients. Its high content of micronutrients may also help in maintaining mineral levels in these patients.
  • Maintained Freshness: Himalayan Chef Golden Raisins come in attractive packaging. The packaging may be a craft bag or a plastic jar. This packaging keeps golden raisins fresh and fine.
  • Perfect Ingredient: Raisins are the perfect ingredient to be added to any dish because of their unique taste and texture. You can add it to rice, smoothies, baking products, or cake decorations.
  • Non-GMO verified: There is no genetic modification in Himalayan Chef Golden Raisins to improve their quality. For that, they are certified as non-GMO. It also has many other certifications such as vegan and kosher.
  • Healthy Snack: The sweet flavor and nutritional content of raisins make them a healthy snack choice. If you add raisins to your meal, you can change its flavor from bland to sweet and enhance the number of nutrients in your diet.

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