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  • Saira imran


    Amazingly, It Works I admit that at first I had my doubts about this, but believe me, it does work—slowly—and the results are obvious. My very tanned forehead has at least partially disappeared. The nicest thing was that it didn't cause any skin irritation or other problems for me. I only used it sparingly, like a drop of water. Quite pricey, though.

  • Shahid Ibrahim


    Glows on the skin! This absorbs effortlessly, settles in without feeling oily, and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft after application. It may feel so lovely on my skin because of the lighter, natural oils, which I enjoy that it contains. I heartily advise anyone with moderately dry to extremely dry skin to use this duo.

  • Bilal Zafar


    LOVE IT! The Glowing Duo is fantastic; I adore it and wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • THE GLOWING DUO | BEAUTY KIT: Your go-to method for achieving a dewy and glowing complexion is The Glowing Skin Duo!
  • 2-IN-1 SKIN GLOWING SET: Serum and moisturizer are included in the skincare set and together they deeply hydrate and nurture your skin
  • ALL-NATURAL: Infused with All-natural Ingredients that maintain your skin healthy, silky, and smooth!
  • MOISTURIZING DUO: Skin Moisturizing Duo makes sure that your skin is naturally nourished and gorgeous all-day
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: Made without all harsh chemicals, this kit makes a safe and gentle daily ritual for all skin types 


Get Your Glow On!

The Glowing Skin Duo is your go-to secret to a dewy & glowing complexion! This Skincare Set includes our serum and moisturizer that work together to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. The serum contains powerful ingredients that help to brighten and even out your skin tone, while the moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration. Together, they give you the perfect canvas for a radiant complexion.


The Perfect Combo For A Flawless Finish!

No one wants to walk around looking like they just got out of bed, but who has the time for a full skincare routine every single day? The 2-In-1 Skin Glowing Kit is perfect for busy ladies on the go! Just apply the included serum on a freshly washed face followed by the facial moisturizer and you’re good to go!


Nature's Best-Kept Secret! 

Infused with the ultimate power of nature! Pure ingredients that keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy! Nourish and lock in hydration for up to 24 hours! The WBM Beauty Skin Moisturizing Duo ensures your skin stays beautifully nourished all day long, naturally. Whether you’re wearing makeup or going out & about, this kit will help nurture and protect your skin against dehydration, avoiding that telltale ‘dry & dull face’ look.


Age Naturally, Age Gracefully!

Give your skin the love it deserves! The power of a little TLC can go a long way. Dazzle your friends and foes alike with your alluring bright complexion! Smooth, glowing & refined skin – like you just stepped out of a luxury beauty salon! With this Skin Whitening Serum, you get the hydration you need and natural treatment to conceal any blemishes or skin failures.


Mild & Gentle Blend of Real Goodness!

The serum is further graced with multiple skin-nurturing ingredients that provide other beneficial properties such as lightening skin tone, repairing damaged tissue, and boosting collagen formation. You get an immediate difference in the clarity and brightness of their skin, while also experiencing less sensitivity and fewer breakouts.


‘Replenish & Protect Your Skin With Nature's Best’

Get beauty from all 7 angles with WBM Beauty Facial Moisturizer! This unique product combines benefits from seven different natural flower essences, for a total skincare arsenal that will keep you looking and feeling your best. 7-in-1 Ultra Facial Lotion gets to the root of your skin's problems, working to soothe and protect delicate skin. WBM Beauty Lotion is a natural and organic facial lotion that helps refresh, replenish, and protect your skin. The ingredients are selected for their ability to nourish and protect the skin while being gentle enough for everyday use.


‘Add Moisture & Vitality To Your Skin’

Say goodbye to lackluster, dry skin! Feel beautiful and streak-free in minutes with WBM Beauty Face Lotion's light & fast application! It won't leave your face heavy or greasy, so you can keep going about your day worry-free. Use it to maintain a delicate balance of oil production on your face without feeling weighty or oily.

The moisturizer is:

  • Absorbent 
  • Non-Greasy 
  • Non-Sticky 
  • For All Weathers

A Quick Tip? 

Use this anti-shine and water-resistant facial moisturizer as a ‘primer’ to keep your makeup looking pristine all day long!

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