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  • Kanza


    Wow! Are you sick of all the excessive oils on your face? I was too! This is amazing!!!! I noticed a difference on my skin after my first use! My face feels clean and refreshed after each use, with an all day feeling! This is an amazing product.

  • Tahir Shad


    This Deep Cleanse Charcoal Face Wash is labeled "For Men" but really it works for men and women. There is no scent to this and seems to lather nicely. I used it with my rotating face exfoliator and my face felt nice and clean without being overly dry. It's also not BLACK like I was expecting but a light grey.

  • Sarfraz Ali Siyal


    The WBM Men Care Deep Cleanse Charcoal Face Wash smells nice and lathers sufficiently! The creamy wash can be used daily for a fresh, clean feel on you face. After using, your face feels refreshed, clean and moisturized with no overpowering scent!

  • MEN HAIR GEL: WBM Men Charcoal Face Wash is a deep cleansing face wash that helps remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities from the skin
  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: The activated charcoal in Facial Wash helps to draw out toxins and pollutants from the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The formula is also enriched with natural ingredients like jojoba and argan extract that help soothe and calm the skin
  • GENTLE ON SKIN: The Face Cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use, perfect for all skin types, and leaves the skin feeling clean, refreshed, and healthy
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products