WBM Face Care Grooming Kit

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Get attractive by grooming yourself!

Take your face game to the next level with WBM Men Care Face Care Grooming Kit. Any guy would like to have one as a friend. This facial care kit is made for active men who have high expectations and won't accept dull, uneven skin. We've put up a special selection of facial care items to make a quick but effective routine for cleansing and moisturizing your skin.


Guys should also strive for beauty!

Skincare is not just for women, men should also maintain a skincare routine. Because a man’s skin is a little bit different from a woman’s, he needs products that are made just for him. Sometimes all they require is a gentle push in the direction of self-care and a pampering session. WBM Men Care has put up a set for men to make their life easier.

Charcoal Face Wash
Facial Razors
Moisturizing Lip Balm


Ding-Dong! It’s Skin grooming Time!

WBM Men Care value nature above else! To provide you with the best results possible, the products are made utilizing only the finest, all-natural ingredients. Mild cleansers leave your skin soft and smooth. Plus, it smells amazing because of its pure, natural ingredients. So, freshen up your face & day in seconds!


Get Fresh-Faced All Day Long!

Get away from soiled and dull skin all day with WBM Men’s Charcoal Face Wash. This ultra-deep cleansing face wash for men is designed specially to get deep into your skin pores and exclude all those nasty oils, crusted dirt, and sweat build-up, leaving you looking and feeling clean and refreshed all day long!


Lip Balm That Truly Cares!

Dapper dudes everywhere can rejoice with our ultra-nourishing lip balm! Whether you need something to prevent lip burn or just want to add a little extra shine, this moisturizing balm is what you need. It's designed to keep your lips protected and looking good all day long. Made with the purest of ingredients, this ChapStick nourishes and seals in moisture while fading the past dullness. 

No more worries about going out in extreme weather! This balm shields your lips from all weather-induced dullness & damage like a pro!


‘Start Your Day with a Smooth Shave’

Make shaving easier than ever with our razor! No more blades tugging at your skin, with our patented blade system. Plus, they're easy to use – just place them against your skin and let the sharp edge do its job. Our precise cutters minimize the need for shaving cream or gel – leaving you with close and comfortable post-shave skin that leaves you stunned with an incredibly soft feel.


Ethically Developed By Years of Research!

Trust the tags we choose for you! Our Face Care Grooming Set for Men is;

  • Chemical-Free (No SLS, Parabens, etc). 
  • Non-Comedogenic 
  • Dermatologically Tested 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ethically Sourced 
  • Certified

See What People Are Saying!

Engr Muhammad Asad Usman


Great product! I've previously used expensive men's skin care products. This is undoubtedly the most astounding stuff I've ever used. Results almost immediately. However, I think this stuff is fantastic. For me, it definitely works. Definitely going to try more of their products! You all should give it a try.

Muhammad Waqas Mujahid


Amazing for the price! The kit function almost perfectly, and the pricing is ideal. The facial scrub and the razor, I use both work extremely well. The lip balm, in my opinion, the best component of this kit. It doesn't leave your lips feeling oily or dry, and a little bit goes a long way. Since utilizing these products, my skin has shown a remarkable improvement. If you're unsure, I STRONGLY recommend.



Great & Simple skin care routine for men! I've at last discovered an easy routine that actually works! The WBM Men Face Grooming Kit includes three crucial items to guarantee skin that feels and looks healthy. The items avoid clogging your pores. They are free from any form of chemicals, and you know the best part, the brand offers 100% money back guarantee, in case of any issue. 100% recommended.

Syed Meher Ali


Worked Perfectly! I could tell it was different the moment I used it. This is by far my favourite face wash out of the many that I've tried for my oily skin. After letting my younger brother use it once, he immediately purchased his own set. The set is without a doubt recommended.

Syeda Nayyara


Great Product! I got the face wash, lip balm, and razor set, and I wasn't let down! Face wash leaves skin feeling fresh and oil-free, and lip balm actually works without leaving behind a greasy film. I love it it's absolutely worth the money. Will buy once again!

Raza Ali


No Side Effects! My fiancé, who is extremely sensitive to everything, loves the kit. He hasn't seen any side effects, and it makes his skin smooth, especially after shaving. and the best thing, they also offer 100% money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.

Ghania Sultan


Great Fragrance! My husband is a huge fan of this kit! The aroma, which is not overbearing, appeals to him. He enjoys how close these products allow him to shave and how his skin feels after using them. Amazing set!



Easy way to groom yourself! Possibly the simplest method I discovered for moisturising a man. It has been my go-to face wash, razors, and lip balm, plus it is non-greasy and unscented. I wish I had discovered this earlier. Worth Buying, 100% recommended.

Ghulam Mujtaba


Great Products! As an adult, I've had trouble with greasy skin and recurring pimples. I've tried a tonne of different face washes, moisturisers, and skin care items. This is the first time I've used a product that leaves my face feeling perfectly balanced between dry and oily. My wife noted how beautiful my skin felt and looked after the first day of using the face wash and razors. It has been in use for almost two weeks and has kept up its faultless performance. I can't wait to see what else WBM Men Care comes up with!



Great Kit for Men Grooming! A fantastic value for men's face products at this pricing. The fragrence are pleasant and delicate. Even when used often, all products last a respectable amount of time. The charcoal face wash has a wonderful consistency; it is nourishing without being overly dry.