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  • Bilal Hussain


    Very effective product for clean the toilet very well.

  • Sohail Brohi


    Great purchase.

  • Disposable Refills: Make toilet cleanup effortless with the WBM Home Disposable Toilet Cleaner Refills that efficiently handle the tough messes
  • Fresh & Clean: Place Disposable Toilet Pads with the 2X cleaning power that cleans and deodorizes the toilet bowls
  • Unique: A 2-layer toilet scrub with an 8-sided clean surface is effective for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like every hard-to-reach corner of the toilet
  • Easy to Replace: Toilet Wand Disposable Refills are simple to install and get rid of. Pull forwards to unveil the sponge and push it onward to remove it without hands
  • Customer Satisfaction:  Quality is our Passion so, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee for the quality-conscious customers


An Advanced Toilet Cleaning Approach! 

Have fewer clean-up worries with disposable toilet cleaner refills – simply toss them when they're used up! The disposable heads of the wand are easy-to-use and help eliminate all the nasty business on your toilet in just minutes, leaving it smelling fresh and sparkling clean.


Effective Cleaning In a Single Go! 

Take care of your lavatory hygiene with our guaranteed triple-layered scraper sponge. It spreads its magic in a single go, leaving your toilet clean and refreshed! Your daily toilet hygiene becomes a mere breeze with our convenient refillable toilet cleaner head, ensuring your home stays tidy and smells fresh all at once!

The 3 segments include; 

  • The upper pre-filled fluid layer – no gel cleaner needed.
  • The middle scraping cloth – to get rid of crusted filth with the least effort.
  • The last sponge layer – is highly absorbent and goes easily into the curves of the bowl. 


‘360º Cleaning’  

Our wand refill has a 360º cleaning head that goes around the entire bowl, reaching even the tightest spaces. You don't have to get down on your hands and knees anymore with WBM Home Toilet Cleaning Wand! With its multi-lateral cleaning head, this handy tool effortlessly cleans your toilet bowl from top to bottom and sides. 


‘For A Better Self-Hygiene’ 

No need to ruin your hand hygiene. Simply use & dispose of! The wand clicks immediately with the replaceable cleaning head and comes off with a single press of a disposing button so your hands remain out of that filthy misery. Besides, the long wand cleans at a distance so there is no chance of getting even close to those pesky toilet germs. 


‘8 Refills / Pack’

You'll never have to awkwardly hold a plunger and bucket again! End those expensive cleaning sessions with our disposable toilet cleaner. The refills pack contains 8 heads that ensure you save your time, effort & money and get the job done quickly and efficiently.