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  • NATURAL GOODNESS: Himalayan Chef Coconut Powder comes directly from the fresh coconut. It has a naturally long shelf life.
  • AVOID GLUTEN: Coconut Powder can aid in the treatment of illnesses that respond well to a gluten-free diet. A gluten-free diet is recommended to celiac person.
  • PREVENT ANEMIA: Iron is required for hemoglobin production and its deficiency causes anemia. Coconut Powder is a great source of iron and prevents anemia.
  • EASE MUSCLE PAIN: Coconut powder has natural anti-inflammatory effects and relieves muscle cramps and fatigue. It helps in adequate oxygenation of the body.
  • ENDLESS OPTIONS: Coconut Powder is used to add natural flavor to several dishes. You can use it in curries, smoothies, soups, porridges, baking, and milkshake.
  • FRESH FLAVORFUL: Himalayan Chef Coconut Powder is carefully packaged in a lightweight plastic jar to ensure no mess and long-lasting freshness. Our powder with an airtight seal, is guaranteed to maintain its freshness.
  • GOOD FAT: Medium-chain triglycerides make up the majority of the fat in coconut powder (MCTs). These are 'healthy' fats that have been found to help people lose weight.

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Ghazala Nihal


Very pleased with this item. Add a great taste to my custard dish. Finer shred is very useable in recipes.

Hummayun Umair


One of my favorites, I can use coconut powder in or on just about anything. It's getting more and more expensive now, so any time I can find a good price, I'll go for it as it holds well in the refrigerator.

Muhammad Suleman Khan


I enjoy making sugar and grain free foods. I made a coconut cream pie without those two ingredients, but the coconut unsweetened was absolutely necessary and the flavor is way above average.

Mish Asif


Was very fresh. We love using this on our topping for our smoothies and our date balls. Thank you!

Suhail Agha


I really like this coconut powder. It works great with homemade granola and pairs well with a bowl of yogurt, berries, almonds and flaxseeds.

Jannat Sheheryar


It's exactly as described. It's flavorful. I love the fine shredding. It's good over yogurt, for shakes, etc. I would buy this again.



this package is very fine powder. I love adding some to yogurt with fruit. I also used them on top on cupcakes.

Asad Numan (Nomi)


This coconut powder is smaller than typical coconut powder, it seems more like powder and chopped into 1-2 cm sized pieces. Great for topping on smoothie bowls adds texture that is not bothersome. The only thing that bothers me is the bag, the zip top is very small and the coconut can get lodged in making closing a challenge, I sometimes store it in a gallon zip disposable bag.