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  • BUM SOOTHING KIT: WBM Care Baby Bum Soothing Kit helps you to say goodbye to irritating/ rash days!
  • RASH CARE: Two of our best calming items that you need to calm your baby's bottom are included in our baby rash care bundle, Baby Wipes, and Powder
  • BABY WET WIPES: With these Baby Wipes, you can give your baby's skin a silky, smooth touch
  • CORNSTARCH BABY POWDER: An ultra-absorbent formula helps to rapidly lower humidity while soothing diaper rashes and skin irritation
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Committed to superior customer service, we provide a 100 % money-back guarantee on all products


Bringing Comfort Home!

No More Miserable Babies! If you're a parent, then you know there's nothing worse than a miserable baby. But with WBM Care Baby Bum Soothing Kit, you can say goodbye to those days! This Baby Kit rest assured that you're doing everything you can to help your precious little one feel better quickly. 

Our baby rash care set includes two of our top soothing products that you need to put your baby’s bottom at ease;

  • Baby Wipes – 100% Natural Wood Pulp 
  • Baby Powder – 100% Natural Plant-Based Ingredients 


Gear Up for The Parenthood! We are here to help!

Tired of feeling run down? Let WBM Care help you rail against Baby Blues! We will keep you and your loved ones healthy while you embark on this new journey! Gear up with our Baby Bum Care Duo to ensure that your little one gets the best kick-start to his life. The brand features Innovation, Technology & Nature in its products to provide you with the most effective and reliable solutions for your baby’s needs.


Get Back To Nature!

Why risk using harsh chemicals on your baby’s delicate skin when natural solutions work more efficiently? The WBM Care Baby Bum Kit comes with ‘100% plant-based ingredients that provide relief from conditions like diaper rash, eczema, and other skin irritations. All the ingredients are gentle on delicate skin, and the easy-to-use format will make taking care of your baby's bottom a mere breeze.


‘From Natural Wood Pulp’

Motherhood is not a bet of roses, of course! You have to burn the candle at both ends! Especially at night, when you just sit there to make a way out of your full-day exhaustion; your baby needs a diaper change! The situation can be extremely overwhelming at times. 

To help & ease motherhood for you, our WBM Care Baby Wipes are there! These handy wipes help you quickly and easily clean your child without having to wait for water or soap to come down. These Wipes effectively act without any added stress or effort. Plus, they have a soothing effect if the baby is suffering from those rashes. 


Explore! Get Messy! We'll Clean It Up For You!

Keep your little one clean and tidy with WBM Care Wet Wipes! These refreshing wipes remove all the mess – even the sticky ones. They're fun to use, so your kiddo will love them! Plus, a blend of premium ingredients is added to provide effective nourishment to your little one. 

  • pH Balancing Formula – Retains The Natural Skin Protective Barrier
  • Enriched With Hyaluronic Acid – Hydrates & Nourishes Deeply
  • Full Body Care – Versatile And Safe Use All Over 
  • Mild & Gentle – Non-Stimulating & Sensitivity-Free


‘Extra Comforting & Relaxing’

Is your little one uncontrollably fussy at night due to those painful rashes? Worry no more, with the soothing and relaxing properties of our WBM Care Powder! Say goodbye to those sleepless nights now! Made with the purest mix of nurturing and comforting ingredients, this multipurpose formula soothes and relaxes your little bundle of joy while promoting a long & peaceful sleep.


Give Your Little Angel The Best Of Everything!

Guess Our Most Loved Baby Powder Ingredients!

  • Cornstarch Powder – A natural & more effective replacement to talcum-powder
  • Aloe Vera – Relaxing, soothing & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Purslane – Enriched with powerful antioxidants 
  • Honey – Natural humectant with anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties


‘Talc-Free & Chemical-Free’

Don’t be without the best! WBM Care promises to keep your precious one safe and sound through his entire growing journey. With complete assurance, we call our Baby Bum Kit THE SAFEST!

  • Pediatrician Certified
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Talc-Free
  • Unscented
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Notably Certified

× 0% Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates & Petrolatum!

See What People Are Saying!

Javeria Javed


This Bum Soothing Kit is quite good. Some reviews presented themselves as negative. But I believe they are good. The wipes are reasonably soft and quite wet. So far, neither of my kids has caused me any issues with them.

Khurram Qabil


My infant's terrible dermatitis was caused by the other natural care wipes I was using for my baby. There has never been a problem with these wipes. I won't use any other wipes on my newborn baby son from now on. And it’s suitable for rashes as well!

Erum Hammad


I've used Baby Powder in the past, but the talc problems turned me off. Since then, I've switched to using regular cornstarch, but this one is nicer, smells so much better, and soothes the rashes. Aloe and Honey have added benefits. Best Rash Care Kit ever!



This kit is amazing. It comes with everything you need to soothe a baby's bum. The baby powder and wipes are perfect for on-the-go. The packaging is also super cute. Recommended



We really like the WBM Baby Care Bum Soothing Kit! It comes with both baby powder and baby wipes, which is great. The wipes are very soft and gentle on the skin, and the powder helps to keep things dry. This kit is perfect for keeping your little one's bottom clean and comfortable.

Muhammad Suleman Khan


I was so excited to use this product on my baby! The powder and wipes are both very gentle and have a nice scent. The powder keeps my baby's skin dry and the wipes are great for cleaning up any messes. This kit is value to money. Recommended

Furqan khan


The WBM Baby Care Bum Soothing Kit is a great way to keep your baby clean and comfortable. The kit includes baby powder and baby wipes, which are both gentle and effective. The powder helps to absorb wetness and the wipes are great for cleanup. The kit is also very affordable.

Syed Aamir Shah


I'm a first time mom and I was so excited to try out this WBM Baby Care Bum Soothing Kit with the baby powder and baby wipes. I was not disappointed! The powder kept my little one's bum dry and the wipes were so soft and gentle on her skin. I will definitely be buying this again!

Irfan Yousaf


This kit is amazing! The wipes are so soft and the powder keeps my baby's bum dry and free from irritation. This is a must have for any parent!

Ayesha Kath


I order this rash kit. Really impressive with both products. WBM Baby Care Wipes are soft and are good for sensitive skin! The plastic top is secure and holds well so the wipes remain damp. Baby Powder is also Very nice, soft and comfortable. I used this powder for my baby which I found great because it didn't have any harmful ingredients. My baby has sensitive skin so using this was great for him. I love the clean smell it gives him when i put it on him. Highly Recommended