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  • 100% NATURAL: Himalayan Chef Besan is made from 100% pure chickpeas. The Besan is made from whole grams that are rich and nutritious.
  • FIBER RICH: It contains chickpea bran, which is high in fiber. Fiber aids digestion and acts as a prebiotic for gut bacteria.
  • PROTEIN SOURCE: Besan is a vegetarian-friendly high-protein food. Protein may reduce hunger while increasing calorie expenditure.
  • GLUTEN-FREE: Himalayan Chef Besan is made from chickpeas that are naturally free from gluten. This property makes it the best choice for gluten-intolerant people.
  • UNSATURATED FAT: Besan is high in healthy unsaturated fats. These fats aid in cholesterol reduction and prevent diabetes and heart diseases.
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Our Besan comes in a recyclable Craft zipper bag. Ziplock bags protect the product from moisture and keep it fresh.
  • INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Our product has international certifications like Vegan, Kosher, and HALAL. Customers who are unsatisfied with our product are entitled to a full refund.

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Anam Bilal


Good taste. Great packaging. Never seen this type of packaging and such type of quality product in Pakistan. Will recommend.

Azeem Yousuf


Food quality, last long, tastes authentic.

Waqar Qureshi


Arrived as promised in a securely sealed bag.

Hamza Siddique


This is a quality product that works well for what it is made for. That's good enough for me.



Great price. We use chick pea flour for everyday use. It's a great source of protein & replaces white flour.

Rabia Maqsood


The product arrived as expected, was fresh and consistent in quality. Awesome product! Great price. Going to buy more. Thank you.

Imran Shoukat


Perfect for my chicken pakora recipe. Will not change it for anything else.

Ayesha Zubair


I have used the gram flour for cooking. Makes some delicious recipes like Pakoras…

javeria javed


This flour is fine and makes an amazing, gluten free and healthy breading for fried chicken!

jamshaid arshad


I could not find chick pea flour anywhere around town so I ordered this product. I made it into flat bread and it was fantastic!