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  • WHOLESOME FLOUR: Himalayan Chef Barley Flour is obtained from the fine Whole Barley. It provides all the nutrients vital for good health.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Barley is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It’s high in fiber and protein, with zero cholesterol and fat levels. Because of these properties, barley is good for weight loss.
  • GOOD FOR GUT: Barley is high in fiber, which aids in detoxification. The fiber-rich barley feeds the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract and supports gut health.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR ANEMIA: Anemia is caused by an iron deficiency. Barley contains iron, which aids in the synthesis of red blood cells while also increasing blood volume.
  • HEALTH ALERT: Gluten is a wheat protein that can induce autoimmune disease in gluten-intolerant people. It is nutritious for those who are not gluten intolerant.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Barley is packaged in craft material. It is safe for the environment because microorganisms can degrade it.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Quality is the most important factor to us. We provide our consumers with 100% pure items and a money-back guarantee. Our products have been approved in the US, China, and Pakistan.

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M Hamza Awais


Arrived promptly it was very fresh and tastes great. I use it for all my baking needs replacing wheat. It's great for the health of my family.

nobia mushtaq


In terms of quality it is the best, the only thing is the price which is little bit expensive and they keep increasing it from time to time.

Iftikhar Mateen


Himalayan Chef is a high quality company with high quality products. I have purchased organic barley and Wheat flour from them. Both were of excellent quality in making many products. I have made muffins, pancakes, and tortillas. would definitely buy this product again.

Miss Anna


Delivered quickly. Good quality and meets expectations. Use for several types of baking. Positive results

Ujala Chaudhary


It is very fresh and has a nice taste. Better than all the other products out there.

arwa saifuddin


I am not a regular baker but Barley is my favorite when it comes to breakfast or quick snack options. love the flavor and consistency.

Zoya naqi


I am thrilled with this product. Not only organic and healthy but delicious. I will order again when I run out.

عزیر بن خالد


Wonderful product! Great flavour barley flour. Great for any baked goods!

Zahra Habib


I love the texture it is not grainy like others I have tried



I make my own reduced gluten bread from this flour I mix it with wheat bran and oat bran Very tasty ,healthy and easy to digest .