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The WBM Home Rat glue trap is a type of pest control product designed to catch rats. It consists of a sticky glue board that is coated with a strong adhesive, which traps rats when they walk on it. The trap is easy to use and can be placed in areas where rats are likely to travel, such as along walls or near food sources. Once a rat is caught on the trap, it can be disposed of easily and safely. The WBM Home Rat glue trap is an effective and affordable option for controlling rat infestations in homes or other indoor environments.

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Talha Rehman


I received the product on time and although the packaging was fragile, I was satisfied with the product and the service

Rabia mudassar


Product received on time and found to be bigger than regular glue traps. the quality of the product is good.

Waqas Ahmed


The effectiveness of this rat trap is impressive! Despite concerns about the stickiness of other rat traps, this brand has high-quality traps with strong adhesive material.