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The W Home Cockroach Glue Trap is an effective solution for eliminating cockroaches in your home. This eco-friendly trap is made with non-toxic ingredients and is safe for use around children and pets. Simply place the trap in areas where cockroaches are present, such as under appliances or in dark corners. The strong adhesive will trap the cockroaches, preventing them from crawling away. The transparent design of the trap allows you to easily monitor the number of cockroaches caught. Say goodbye to unwanted pests with the W Home Cockroach Glue Trap.

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Haider farooq


The W Home Cockroach Glue Trap is a lifesaver! I had tried various sprays and baits to control cockroaches, but nothing seemed to work. However, this trap caught them all in just a few days. It is also very easy to use - I simply placed it in a high traffic area for cockroaches. I would highly recommend this product :)

Aftab ch


I have tried many different cockroach traps over the years, but the W Home Cockroach Glue Trap is by far the most effective. It caught several cockroaches within a few hours of setting it up, and it was very easy to dispose of them. I appreciate that it is non-toxic and safe to use around my family and pets. I would highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with a cockroach problem.