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The W Home Fly Repellent Coil is the perfect solution to keep your home free from pesky flies. Its long-lasting formula effectively repels flies, providing you with a clean and hygienic environment. Easy to use and highly effective, this coil is ideal for use in homes, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to flies with W Home Fly Repellent Coil.

See What People Are Saying!

Mustafa Masood


I appreciate that these coils are environmentally friendly. They don't harm beneficial insects and are a great way to keep flies away.

Saman Khan


These coils are perfect for outdoor events. I used them at my son's birthday party and didn't have to worry about flies bothering our guests.

Munawar Abdul Sattar


I highly recommend these W Home Fly Repellent Coils. They are an affordable and natural way to keep flies away.

Jawad Shahzada


These coils are easy to use and long-lasting. I can enjoy my backyard without any worries about pesky flies.

Mohammed Ume


These W Home Fly Repellent Coils are amazing! They have completely eliminated the fly problem in my backyard.