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Best Quality Smart Outdoor Solar Lights in Pakistan 2023-24

Pakistan is making strides towards sustainable energy solutions with the introduction of outdoor solar lights. Solar lights are a great, cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting sources that depend on electricity, providing a reliable and renewable source of light for homes and businesses. With solar power, citizens can enjoy convenient lighting with no installation costs, while also reducing energy bills and helping the environment. So, here comes the WBM Smart Outdoor Solar Lights in Pakistan. These outdoor solar lights are designed to be durable and long-lasting even in extreme weather conditions. With easy installation, these LED Outdoor Solar Lights are an eco-friendly and reliable lighting solution for both residential and commercial areas. 

WBM #1 Online Retailer of Outdoor Solar Lights in Pakistan 

At WBM Smart, we focus on Innovation, Sustainability, R & D, and Convenience. The #1 Online Retailer of Solar Lights that brings quality smart products with edge-cutting technology to improve your everyday life in meaningful ways. We give the best quality solar lights online in outdoor lighting, and is sure to alter the way you illuminate your outdoor landscape! The smart LED outdoor solar lights are equipped with a sensor that automatically detects sunrise and sunset and turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. You will not have to remember to turn the light on or off again. 

Buy WBM Smart Solar LED Light Set Online in Pakistan 

Illuminate your home with these WBM Smart Outdoor Solar Lights that are designed for eco-friendly and safe use, saving 70% of the power and shifting towards sustainable energy use. 

  1. Flickering Flame Solar Lamp

  2. LED Solar Lawn Spotlights 

  3. Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

Buy WBM Smart 96 LED Flickering Flame Solar Lamp Online 

The WBM Smart Solar Lamp brings convenience and beauty to your outdoor living space. This 96 LED lamp flickers like real flame, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy in the evening outdoors. With the state-of-the-art LED design, these solar lights efficiently absorb sunlight during the day and use minimal energy to turn night into a beautiful garden party or camping experience. With the modern flickering flame effect, these LED solar lights add a great deal of style to any landscape or backyard while reducing your energy consumption every day. 

Are these WBM Smart Solar Lights Long-Lasting? 

Last for Years! These WBM Smart Solar Lights are designed to provide years of continuous illumination. Not only are they durable and resistant to the elements, but their advanced solar panel absorbs more energy to provide long-lasting brightness at night. Plus, you can rest assured that these lights will last for years of worry-free use.

How to Use WBM Smart Solar Lights Online in Pakistan? 

Looking for an easy, cost-effective way to add additional lighting to your home? With WBM Smart Solar Lights, you don’t need any wires, sockets, or adapters to turn on the solar lights. Use the screws and tighten the solar lights into the wall. These solar lights charge with direct sunlight energy and automatically turn off at night. 

BuyWBM Smart LED Solar Spotlights Online

With the 20 LEDs, these WBM Smart Solar Spotlights provide an unbeatable outdoor lighting experience. Not only are they waterproof and perfect for security, but their longevity is unparalleled; these LED spotlights remain lit for up to 8-10 consecutive hours when fully charged by unobstructed sunlight in a single day! Plus, installation is simple with no wiring required so you can quickly set them up anywhere you need reliable outdoor light. 

How many hours do Outdoor Solar Lights need for charging? 

WBM Smart Solar Spotlights are designed to charge quickly and efficiently with only several hours of sun exposure. With our technology, you can light up your garden within no time! Our advanced solar lights charge all day in sunlight and work for up to 10 hours a day cost savings both convenience and security. Enjoy cost savings and peace of mind knowing that our solar spotlights will be there when you need them most!

Can you replace WBM Smart Solar Lights batteries with regular batteries? 

you enjoy endless power for your outdoor lighting needs with WBM Smart LED Solar Spotlights. Forget about relying on solar energy or worrying when your battery runs dry; these lights allow you to replace regular batteries whenever they run out, giving you unlimited power and a longer-lasting experience.

Buy WBM Smart Outdoor Solar Wall Lights Online 

The WBM Smart Motion Sensor Solar Lights are the ideal lighting solution for any outdoor space. Eliminating cords and wires, these intuitive lights will draw energy from the sun's rays to provide bright illumination. It features 100 LED beads that give off 450 Lumens of brightness – more than enough light to cover your outdoor space in darkness while still saving energy and being eco-friendly.

Are these Smart Solar Lights waterproof? 

These WBM Smart Motion Sensor Solar lights provide absolute protection against the elements. The IP65 Waterproof rating ensures no rain or snow seeps in, ensuring the lights remain durable and guard your property whatever weather comes your way.

Which is the Best Brand for Outdoor Solar Lighting Online in Pakistan?  

WBM Smart provides a comprehensive range of outdoor solar lighting solutions that are easy to install and maintain. The brand is dedicated to providing quality outdoor lighting products with maximum efficiency, safety, and convenience. All the solar lights are designed for maximum energy efficiency, with a focus on reducing environmental impact and safeguarding the environment. Additionally, most of their products are water-resistant and dust-proof, making them ideal for all weather conditions.