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Here is the list of some of our dry fruits

Benefits of Dry Fruits

Dehydrated fruit is referred to as dry fruit. It primarily loses moisture naturally or via the use of a dehydration process. Sunlight is utilized to reduce the fruit's moisture content at wbm.com.pk. Nuts and dry fruits contain the majority of fresh fruit's nutritional content. Consequently, they are very beneficial.

⦿ Improves Immunity

Dry fruits are a great source of proteins, potassium, essential oils, and calcium, all of which help to boost immunity. Additionally, it contains antioxidants that can help you fight off several illnesses and infections.

⦿ Prevents Wrinkles and Maintains Healthy Skin

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and young? Eating dry fruits will enable you to maintain your skin's radiance and beauty. They are abundant in antioxidants and essential oils, which allow your skin to rebuild healthy skin and delay aging. 

⦿ Helps with Weight Loss

Dry fruits and nuts are excellent for weight loss if you consume them in moderation. They contain more proteins and essential oils than they do fat, sugar, and carbs.

⦿ Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Numerous phytonutrients and antioxidants are found in them that prevent the activation of cancer-causing cells.

⦿ Combat Constipation

Numerous dietary fibers included in dry fruits aid in the prevention of constipation and the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.

⦿ Boost Hemoglobin and Combat Anemia

Iron-rich foods like raisins and prunes are beneficial for those with anemia. Dry fruits include important nutrients such as vitamins K, B, and A, minerals such as magnesium, copper, and iron, as well as unsaturated fats that support the body's production of new red blood cells and hemoglobin.

⦿ Strong Bones

Minerals like potassium and calcium are rich in dry fruits and aid in strengthening and maintaining strong bones.

⦿ Keep your Heart Healthy

Dry fruits can control cholesterol levels and maintain normal blood pressure. They also reduce the risk of cardiac problems, strokes, etc.

Super Fresh & Super Delicious

Wbm.com.pk is providing 100% natural, fresh, and delicious dry fruits. WBM Dry Fruits come directly from the farm to your house. Our dry fruits are sourced from lands that are well-known for dry fruits. 

The Best Nutrition for Your Family

A superfood with a long history and great nutritional value that is beneficial to our health is dry fruits. Wbm.com.pk dry fruit varieties are devoid of water but are high in fiber, healthy fats, iron, magnesium, proteins, and vitamins. If consumed in the proper quantity, they are a nutritious powerhouse. A much of dry fruits could interfere with your body's regular functions.

Additionally, wbm.com.pk dry fruits come from the best production regions where they are grown under the supervision of food experts. 

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Wbm.com.pk provides 100% fresh, organic, premium-quality dry fruits and nuts throughout Pakistan, including several varieties of almonds. We also offer the finest quality akhrot (walnuts), chilgoza (pinenuts), chuara (dried dates), pista (pistachios), injeer (figs), mongphali Dana (peanuts), and kaju (cashews) online in Pakistan. Due to the superiority of the nuts, we provide a very effective online service and have had fantastic feedback from our clients. Our main concern is for the well-being of our clients. Buy dry fruits online easily and conveniently in Pakistan and take advantage of nature's best food.

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One of the greatest places to get dry fruits online in the world is wbm.com.pk. We operate in Pakistan and other regions of the world. Our primary goal is to bring delicious, fresh dry fruits to customers' doorsteps. The newest seasoned dry fruits of the highest caliber can be found in our store. Being a well-known and leading vendor of dried fruits in the world, wbm.com.pk offers the ideal blend of nutrients and flavor for a healthy lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Dry Fruits Packaging

Wbm.com.pk overtakes other consumer products companies in Pakistan. WBM pledges to make changes to all of its brand portfolios through initiatives and campaigns. The introduction of cutting-edge Reusable, Zip Lock Craft Packaging is one of them. Food safety and waste reduction are both improved by the packaging. We're all moving toward packaged goods that are portable, organized, and seamless in this era of convenience and momentum. 

WBM.COM.PK is working to raise community living standards by emphasizing sustainable development in a cooperative effort to maintain a healthy way of life and a clean environment. Products are packed in eco-friendly biodegradable material. Additionally, environmentally friendly products have the upper hand over consumers.

Dry Fruits Wholesale Prices in Pakistan

Everyone's favorite fruit during the winter is dried fruit. Everyone loves eating dry fruits, however, this winter the cost of dry fruits has gone up in Pakistan due to rising inflation. Wbm.com.pk is providing 100% natural and pure dry fruits at the best price. Wbm.com.pk also provides offers on a large amount of purchases. Wbm.com.pk provides large purchases at wholesale prices. 

Why dry fruits are good for health?

Dried fruit is rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Additionally, it includes a significant amount of phenolic antioxidants, which are recognized to have various health benefits.

How dry fruits are different from nuts?

Dry fruits and nuts are frequently mistakenly thought to belong to the same group. They have certain similarities but yet differ greatly in many areas.

Dry Fruits


  • Fruit that has been dried artificially or naturally from fresh fruits is known as a dried fruit.

  • Examples: Raisins, Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, etc.

  • Nuts are technically the "seeds" or "kernels" of various plants with nutritious properties similar to fruit but not dried in the same way.

  • Examples: Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts, Cashew Nuts, Pistachios, etc.

  • Both nuts and dried fruits are rich in nutrients that are good for your general health.


Q. Which is Healthier Dry Fruit?

All dry fruits are healthy and beneficial for general health. Wbm.com.pk dry fruits are 100% Natural, Pure, and come from the best regions of the world. WBM Dry Fruits are free of preservatives and additives. 

Q. Which is the best time to eat dry fruit?

Ideally, dry fruits should be soaked in water overnight and eaten the next morning. You shouldn't eat dry fruits at night if you have an option, even though they are a healthy substitute for junk food.

Q. Are dry fruits Beneficial for diabetic patients?

Yes, nuts and dried fruit are helpful for diabetes. They have a low glycemic index and are incredibly nutritious due to their high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also provide a fantastic source of quick energy. You must pay attention to the portion sizes you consume. Apricots, raisins, walnuts, almonds, etc. are best for diabetic patients.

Q. Will I gain weight by eating WBM Dry Fruit?

Despite having a lot of calories and fat, nuts are very nutritious. Regular consumption of nuts as part of a balanced diet is not linked to weight gain and may even aid in weight loss.

Q. Can I eat WBM Dry Fruits on an empty stomach?

Yes, dry fruits can be eaten on an empty stomach. There aren't any limitations on when dried fruits can be eaten.

Q. Which dried fruit is beneficial to hair?

Dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts are rich in protein, iron, and vitamin E, assist in strengthening hair from the roots, and stop hair loss. Iron-rich foods like figs and dates, when frequently taken, can promote hair development.