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W World has all the office supplies you require, from colored paper clips and gel pens to sticky notes and staplers, to keep your workplace running smoothly. Although many offices now use computers and other advanced technology, essential tasks still require stationery supplies. These office & school supplies, which are made of high-quality and sustainable materials, provide your organization with a polished and professional appearance.

Huge Variety of Office and Stationery Items by W World

W World offers a long list of stationery products in Pakistan. With simple online buying and hassle-free service, W World provides all essential office accessories required in the workplace or for a home workstation. The best pricing available is the most significant part. Purchase office supplies including whiteboards, pencil holders, markers, sticky notes, correction tape, ballpoint pens, sticky notes, and more online at W World’s World:

Adhesive Products

Correction Tools

Organizing Tools

Necessary Cutting Tools

Measuring Tools

High-Quality Cells

How does W World Ensure the Premium Quality of its Products?

W World stationery products are made from high-quality material. The plastic used in their products is sustainable. W World provides its customers 100% money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with any of the products. 

Visibly Pigmented Smudge-Free Writing Supplies by W World

W World offers smudge-free writing tools to make writing easy, comfortable, and joyful. Persons who write swiftly and people who identify as left-handed may experience smudging in particular. The no-smudge pens for taking notes will help you improve your memory and efficiency. The best pens for taking notes include:

WBM World Black Signature Pen

  • Black Signature Pen's super-smooth ink and extra-hard fiber tip give you a comfortable writing experience.
  • Designers, artists, and business people can utilize this signature pen with special water-based pigment ink that swiftly dries, does not smear and lasts a long time.
  • Use the black signature pen to create paintings, sketches, drafts, designs, and cartoons.

W World Retractable Gel Pens

The Retractable Gel ink pen has a pleasant grip and is effective for nearly all writing tasks, including creating grocery lists, composing letters, and taking notes in class or at business meetings. The retractable gel pen has a user-friendly design. 

W World Gel Pens

Gel Pen is a very practical choice for your professional business. It has a strong rubber grip and the fastest writing speed. Additionally, this gel pen has a low center of gravity for stress-free writing. The W World gel pen available in black, blue, and red colors has refillable ink features, which also contribute to its long lifespan. 

Strong Hold W World Paper Folders in Pakistan

If you're not sure which file folder to buy, don't worry. W World has the best document folder available. Their folders are perfect for keeping your important documents safe for a long time. W World provides strong paper folders with the following characteristics for your convenience:


  • Refrain documents from folding
  • Enough space
  • Fit for Displaying Certificates, Resumes, and Other Official Documents
  • Using high-quality plastic pockets prevents damage to the documents
  • Transparent and robust Water-resistant 
  • Keeps dust at bay
Adhesive W World Sticky Notes

In every sector, W World enables people to express themselves. One's attention is easily drawn in by the sticky reminder note's most vibrant colors. Additionally, they work best in offices and at schools as classifiers, indexes, and bookmarks. The paper of W World sticky notes 3 Colors is ideal for the office because it is thick, smudge-proof, and has added anti-rolling qualities. Choose W World Stationery items in Pakistan to add style and efficiency to your workplace. These adhesive notes can be positioned anywhere. They can be used to add reminders and put on walls, doors, and windows. They retain their stickiness even after repeated use.


  • Medium-Sized Sticky Notes
  • Made of Premium Paper
  • Super Sticky
  • Simple to Use
  • Quick to Stick and Peel
  • Leaves No Traces on Surface
  • Portable
Which Brand has the Best Quality Sharp Utility Knife or Cutter?

WBM World offers the Best quality Utility Knife with Sharp Carbon Steel Blade and cutters, these are created using carbon steel. It is excellent for cutting a variety of materials, such as board, cardboard, papers, rope, leather, plastic, and other fabrics. You can easily finish your cutting duties quickly because of its 18mm wide, sharp blades. According to particular needs, blades can be moved in and out. Your hands won’t ever accidentally get hurt thanks to its inbuilt safety lock.


  • Premium multifunctional utility cutter
  • 18mm wide blade of carbon steel that is sharp.
  • Automatic safety lock to maintain tight blade security
  • Perfect grips for arduous cutting
  • A USA Product
Rust-Free W World Staple Pins in Pakistan

W World staples are constructed of high-quality rust-free material and long-lasting metal that works with various common staplers. This metal staple is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and strong. Rust flaking the paper can cause stains and harm the consistency of the paper. W World offers Anti-Rust staples to keep your documents tidy and smooth in response to this issue.

WBM Staple Pins work well for binding different notes and pages in your home, office, and place of study, making your office setup more practical. These stapler pins have a consistent binding effect and can bind up to 20 sheets of 80-gram paper.


  • Gives protection against corrosion.
  • The pointed needles cut deeply through the paper sheets with ease.
  • Up to 20 pages can be securely bound with these staples.
Where to Find a User-Friendly Designed Correction Tape?

WBM Correction Tape can be used to fix typing and handwriting mistakes instead of correction fluid. White, opaque masking tape has a coating on one side that is pressed up against the area to be covered. This material is transferred to the paper by pressing down on the tape's opposite side. It can be written right away after application, unlike correction fluid. Correction tape, unlike most correction fluids, is solid and cannot be used improperly as an inhalant.

Key Features

  • Correction tape is fast, precise, and easy to clean up after usage. 
  • It's also environmentally friendly.
  • An eco-friendly mixture covering a 5mm x 6m tape in a simple press and apply method.
  • So go ahead and make all the mistakes you want, then simply press and apply the tape to cover them up.
Highly Adhesive W World Glue

You may easily attach things, cardboard, foam boards, photographs, and much more with W World glue stick, an all-purpose adhesive. Its non-toxic solution swiftly dries and produces results that are clump-free and silky. It is acid-free, washable, and ideal for use in workplaces and classrooms. 


  • Non-toxic and free of solvent
  • Simple & smooth application
  • No messes
  • Zero drips
  • Zero mess
Strong Metal Mesh Pencil Holder in Pakistan

Make your desk less cluttered with WBM Metal Mash Pencil Holder. The black Mesh Pencil Holder is made of high-quality, long-lasting material. It helps to save time and space and organize your stationery. This stylish and useful black cup looks good on any desk. The holder is perfect for usage in workplaces, and institutions. Utilize it to neatly store pens, pencils, and other desk supplies nearby. It is different from the others due to the mesh pattern and metal construction. 

Benefits of Pencil Holder:

  • A creative and fashionable method to arrange your pens and pencils on the desk.
  • It is simple to locate what you need because of the holder's mesh design, which lets you see what's inside.
  • The holder keeps your desk organized and is composed of long-lasting metal mesh.
  • The Mesh Holder for Pencils is small and doesn't take up much room on your desk.
2-in-1 W World Sharpener and Eraser Set 

W World 2 in 1 Sharpener and Eraser Set has a small, ergonomic design composed of sturdy materials, and an eraser to remove pencil marks. Everyone needs this attractive sharpener/ eraser combo because of its high-quality built-in distinctive shape. This 2-in-1 Sharpener & Eraser Set is practical for your kids to have at home, at the office, or at school. The sharpener has a bucket that collects pencil shavings, prevents a mess, and allows for quick disassembly. There are two different colors of this sharpener and eraser set: green and purple. You can decide based on your preferences.


Due to the possibility of choking on small parts and the item's sharp edges, children under the age of 36 months should not use this item.

Extra Heavy Duty Alkaline Battery Cells in Pakistan by W World

W World Extra Heavy Duty Alkaline Battery Cells are a wonderful option to keep on hand for both regular use and emergency use. These batteries are suited for both high-and-low drain devices because they adjust power flow to the needs of the device. These AAA batteries are perfect for home appliances that get a lot of use, like torches, wireless mouse, remote controls, and smart home gadgets. WBM performs reliability tests on its batteries. These Extra Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Carbon Zinc AAA Batteries have a storage life of up to 10 years, making them ideal for purchasing in bulk and stocking up as backup batteries. Each AAA battery is built to provide reliable performance. 

Key Features:

  • Extra heavy-Duty AAA battery cells come in convenient value packs that are simple to open and may be used as a maximum power source for all home and office appliances.
  • These Carbon Zinc battery cells function as an all-purpose pre-charged battery for home and office equipment with a full battery capacity.
  • Carbon-Zinc AAA batteries are not rechargeable, although they have a longer lifespan.
  • These battery cells are built for a longer lifespan without leaks and are guaranteed to last longer than normal batteries.
Compact Design Precise W World Steel Ruler 

Rulers are a necessary component of both students’ and professionals’ daily lives since they facilitate drawing, taking notes, and measuring. W World stainless steel ruler is made up of durable material. The stainless-steel measuring instrument is portable. The metal ruler can be used with cutting tools without suffering any damage because it is constructed of stainless steel. Additionally, these are wrap-free and exhibit bending resistance. The durable stainless steel ruler is perfect for students, office employees, carpenters, engineers, architects, etc., and may be utilized in a variety of ways. High-quality stainless steel rulers are offered in two distinct lengths, 20 cm, and 30 cm or 8 inches, respectively, for use in the classroom, at home, and in the office.


  • Durable 
  • Precise Measurements
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Compact Size
  • Available in Two different sizes
W World provides a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on Stationery Products

If the order you received is flawed, incomplete, or damaged, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee. We provide several return options for your convenience, including Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, bank deposits, and refund vouchers.