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Many people are always looking for natural repellents as an alternative to harmful pesticides because they are so effective in protecting against mosquito bites. As a result, nowadays, all-natural mosquito repellents are especially widespread today. Avoiding insecticides is a better option in the contemporary environment than making use of synthetic products. W Home Mosquito Repellents Products have a natural blend of botanical extracts and essential oils that protect against mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are tiny human creatures, but they are extremely dangerous to human beings. Thus, everybody ought to use ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ mosquito repellents to keep their family safe and healthy. 

Buy Flying Insect Killer Products Online in Pakistan

Flying Insect Killers eliminates flying insects including flies, aphids, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. During this, mosquitos and flies are attracted more to carbon dioxide, temperature, moisture, and humidity, as well as moving targets. W Home offers a wide range of insect killers that work great for dengue mosquitoes and flying insects. These insect killers in Pakistan are 100% natural-based flying insect killers that are effective against mosquito bites.

Best Flying Insect Killer Products in Pakistan

W Home Flying Insect Killers are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils that are considered safe for people and are suitable for everyday use. The best flying insect killers in Pakistan are:

  1.           Cockroach Glue Trap
  2.       0  Aphid Glue Trap
  3.            Insect Glue Trap
  4.            Rat Glue Trap
  5.           Cockroach Bait Box
  6.            Mosquito & Flying Insect Spray 

W Home Glue Traps are the perfect ones to keep your home safe from pest attacks. The glue-based traps have non-toxic material and use innovative lures to attract insects, cockroaches, rats, and aphids to the traps. These are also easy to use and are completely scent-free. There are also some other best insect killer products that include W Home Cockroach Bait Box which is an effective way of poisoning the cockroaches and killing them in 12 to 24 hours. The bait box contains insecticides as the food that the cockroaches eat but they then take it back to their home and feed other cockroaches, making them die out in large numbers.

Best Electric Bug Zapper for Flying Insects and Mosquitoes

W Home Electric Mosquito Racket instantly kills insects, and houses fly in contact with its killing effect, making it an ideal choice for nighttime use. This 2-in-1 electric bug zapper by W Home performs the dual function of mosquito killer as well as a night lamp. This bug zapper effectively controls the spread of dengue fever by attracting the mosquitoes to the purple trapping light in the triple-layered safety mesh, thereby getting electrocuted. This can be effective in preventing the spread of dengue fever by using it both indoors and outdoors for reducing the risk of such mosquitoes.

How to Use Bug Zapper?

The W Home 2-in-1 Electric Bug Zapper is easy to use. Simply put the bug zapper on the USB charging base and turn the power switch on. The zapper will do the rest, luring in and zapping bugs.

Characteristics of the Electric Bug Zapper Racket

Well, you are choosing a 2-in-1 electric bug zapper that has:

·       Triple-layered safety that instantly kills the mosquitoes

·       Purple light attracts the mosquitoes

·       No release of harmful chemicals or toxins

·      Rechargeable insect killer racket through the USB charging base

Where to Buy Insect Killer Racket?

Looking for an insect killer racket in Pakistan? Look no further than! We have what you need whether you're looking for an electric racket or a chemical one. Best of all, we offer the best quality insect killer racket at unbeatable prices.

Buy Flying Insect Killer Machine Online at the Best Price in Pakistan

Mosquitoes are always a nuisance, so the W Home Flying Insect Killer Machine is the best way to get rid of mosquito bites. This flying insect killer machine uses the W Home Liquid Mosquito Repellent which has 100% natural extracts and essential oils that are effective for mosquito killing. The insect killer machine has a heated electrode that heats the repellent liquid and produces vapors to infuse in the air and repels them. These W Home Flying Insect Killer Machines are available in 2 different packs, so you can choose according to your choice.

·       W Home 3-in-1 Flying Insect Repellent Set 

·        How to Use the Insect Killer Machine?

·       First, unscrew the cap of the liquid mosquito repellent

·       Insect the mosquito repellent liquid into the insect killer machine

·       Then plug into the socket and kill mosquitoes instantly

Characteristics of the Insect Killer Machine

Flying insect killer machine offers numerous functions in getting rid of mosquito bites:

·       Insect killer machine heats the liquid mosquito repellent, producing vapors that get infused with the air

·       Releases fumes of the liquid repellent when plugged into the socket

·       Effectively repels mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and gnats

Where to Buy the Insect Killer Machine?

Searching for the best insect-killer machine in Pakistan? Go to today! Whether you are looking for a 3-in-1 mosquito repellent machine or a 4-in-1 mosquito repellent machine, has it all. Even better, we feature the best prices and the greatest quality.

How to Protect Our Families from Mosquitoes, Insects, and Bugs?

As the summer month approach, so does mosquito season. These blood-sucking insects are not only annoying, but they can also transmit diseases like the Zika virus and West Nile virus. While many chemical-based repellents are on the market, they can harm your health. The good news is there are plenty of natural ways to keep mosquitoes away. From plants to essential oils, here are the most effective mosquito repellents. These 100% natural and essential oil-based insect killers are the W Home Insect Killers that are available at

Where to Buy the Insect Killers?

Searching for the best insect killers in Pakistan? Go to today! Whether you are looking for a mosquito repellent machine or liquid mosquito repellent, everything with 100% natural and oil-based products is available at has it? Even better, we feature the best prices and the greatest quality.

What is the most Effective Durable & Waterproof against Mosquitoes?

As the summer season approaches, now is the perfect time to start thinking about protecting yourself against mosquitoes, shed light on the ground with the 2-in-1 Electric Mosquito Killer and Camping Light, the 2-in-1 Electric Mosquito Killer and Camping Light! This device not only kills mosquitoes but also serves as a portable light. This 2-in-1 light bulb does its trick with purple light by killing the mosquitoes as well as functions as a camping light during trips.

How to Use the Bug Zapper Bulb?

 In the summer season, mosquitoes go out of control, so this W Home Bug Zapper Bulb is the perfect option for protection against dengue. Firstly, charge the bug zapper light bulb through the USB charging cable and you are good to go! This bug zapper bulb also functions best as a night lamp when going on a camping trip.

Characteristics of the Bug Zapper Bulb

·       Instantly kills mosquitoes and other flying insects with no powerful efforts

·       Eco-friendly and completely chemical and toxin-free

·       Can be used both indoors and outdoors

·       With a large coverage area, this 2-in-1 camping bulb gives you the ultimate protection

·       Waterproof bug zapper bulb that withstands harsh weather conditions

Where to Buy the Bug Zapper Light Bulb?

Searching for the bug zapper light bulb in Pakistan? Go to today! Whether you need an electric or chemical model, has it all. Even better, we feature the best prices and the greatest quality.

Buy Highly-Effective Baby Mosquito Repellent Watch against Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are out in full force and no one likes to be bitten by mosquitoes, but for babies, these mosquito bites can be dangerous. So, that’s why W Home brings Baby Mosquito Repellent Watch that protects against mosquitoes. The baby mosquito watch is made with non-toxic materials and contains essential oils like Eucalyptus and Citronella oil for long-lasting protection. These repellent watches repel dengue mosquitoes due to the fragrance of the essential oils, making them safe for babies to wear.

How to Use the Baby Mosquito Watch?

·       Take the watch out of the box and put it on your baby’s wrist and let it do its job

Characteristics of the Baby Mosquito Watch

·       Made with natural oils citronella and eucalyptus oils

·       DEET-free with no harmful chemicals or toxins

·       Lasting protection for up to 30 days

·       Produces anti-mosquito ring with essential oils over a wide area

·       Store in the Resealable bag when not in use to prolong the watch’s lifespan

Where to Buy the Baby Mosquito Watch?

With the summer season comes the unfortunately increased risk of mosquito bites. But now, with, get the baby mosquito watch that keeps your child protected while they enjoy the outdoors! Pick the baby mosquito watch today!

Buy Highly-Effective Baby Mosquito Repellent Bracelet against Mosquitoes

At W Home, we are committed to providing effective, convenient mosquito protection solutions that fit your daily routine. So, brings Baby Mosquito Repellent Bracelet that is made with 100% natural oil-based formula warding off the mosquitoes without the use of any harmful toxins, a completely DEET-free product for long-lasting protection. The mosquito repellent bracelet is enriched with natural oils keeping mosquitoes at bay without lasting protection for straight 10 days.

How to Use the Baby Mosquito Repellent Bracelet?

·       This baby mosquito bracelet doubles as a hair band

·       Wear the mosquito-repellent bracelet on your wrist before going out

·       If your baby is 10 months old, put the repellent bracelet on this ankle for protection against dengue bites

Baby Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Characteristics

·       Contains oil-based natural ingredients that are non-toxic and DEET-free

·       Long-lasting protection for straight 10 days & nights

·       Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

·       Safe material that is comfortable to wear

·       Repack and reseal the baby bracelet to prolong the life span

Where to Buy the Baby Mosquito Repellent Bracelet?

Keep your baby protected from mosquitoes with our natural repellent bracelet! At, we offer a wide range of natural mosquito repellents that are safe for babies to use.

Buy Cockroach Glue Traps Product Online in Pakistan

Looking for an effective way to get rid of cockroaches? Try Cockroach Glue Traps Products Online in Pakistan! Cockroach glue traps are one of the most popular and effective ways to get rid of cockroaches. W Home brings Cockroach Glue Traps that protect your home from cockroaches and other insects by luring them. Cockroach glue traps are adhesive traps made from square cupboard boards with openings on both sides of them that are sticky.

How to Use Cockroach Glue Traps?

·       Open the glue trap and remove the coated film from it