Celebrate Independence Day with Azadi Sale 2022 Online in Pakistan with WBM.com.pk

Celebrate Independence Day with Azadi Sale 2022 Online in Pakistan with WBM.com.pk

Independence Day

On 14th August, 1947; “75 years” ago, Pakistan gained freedom from British rule and emerged as a newly formed independent state on the world map. Every year Independence Day is celebrated in Pakistan on 14th August as a national holiday with great zeal and zest. This 14th August WBM.com.pk in the whole spirit of patriotism wants Pakistanis to celebrate to the fullest and is wishing its customers Happy Independence Day with a marvellous Azadi Sale!

WBM.com.pk Azadi Sale: Avail Great Deals & Discounts Offers on our BEST Selling Categories

This Independence Day WBM.com.pk is providing a unique offer to Pakistanis by giving a discount on our Best Selling Categories of Products. The best fact about this deal is that buyers from all over Pakistan can avail this amazing discount offer of upto 75% on some of the best imported quality products found in Pakistan. These products have been selling like hot cakes for more than a decade and are renowned internationally for their quality and purity. Our stand out customer care guarantee is that we ensure 100% money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction without any arguments.

WBM provides upto 75% Azadi Sale on the following Categories

  1. Imported Skincare Products for Women
  2. Mosquito Repellent and Insect Killer Products
  3. 100% Natural Baby Care Products
  4. Grocery Shopping in pakistan
  1. Skincare Products by W Beauty

    WBM under its women exclusive brand of W Beauty manufactures imported quality 100% organic skincare products for women to enhance their natural beauty. Each skincare product is absolutely SLS or paraben free to eliminate any side effects. So what are you waiting for this Happy Independence Day avail exclusive upto 75% Azadi Sale on following skincare product ranges of W Beauty for women:

    • Natural Hand Cream for women

      Our Hand Creams for women come in 4 different types, each infused with different nourishing organic ingredients that purify the skin leaving it soft, supple and clean. Another exciting fact about WBM Hand Cream is that they have a user-friendly packaging which is easy to use and easy to carry around anywhere.

    • All Natural Whitening Night cream in Pakistan

      It helps in revitalising the skin, especially for skin tone enhancement and anti-aging. This Night Cream aids skin in restoring and refreshing over night, after a long day in the sun.

    • Dual Foundation Anti-Aging cream

      This multi-functioning cream is for both day and night, and helps in anti-wrinkling. It contains shea butter which helps in wearing off of the dead skin, reducing dullness and giving off a refreshed young attractive look.

    • Eye Gel for Women

      The tube comes with 3 massaging rollers that gently nourish and moisturise. This non-greasy eye gel packed with natural extracts helps in fading fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

    • Facial Toner for Women

      WBM Soothing Facial Toner has a formula of rose water, hazel and aloe vera extracts. This pH balancing multi-beneficial toner is for all skin types.

    • Organic Facial Cleanser for Women

      This organic anti-acne W Beauty Facial Cleanser is perfect for skin purification and exfoliation. Himalayan Pink Salt in it helps in extra nourishment and increasing skin resilience.

    • Daily Facial Moisturiser for Women

      It helps in skin tone enhancement, anti-aging, pore reduction and skin strengthening.

    • Anti-crack Repair Cream for Women

      A multi-purpose skin ointment which can be used to remove marks from anywhere on the skin.It can be used on ankles, hands or elbows, and to relieve stretch marks (by pregnant women).

    • Razor Blades with 4 blades for women

      WBeauty 4 Blades Women Razor comes with a surrounding lubrastrip which contains vitamin E and aloe vera extracts to provide a soothing and nourishing shave.

    • Colour Changing Lip Balm for women

      This moisturising lip balm makes your dried chapped lips soft and smooth. The unique feature of this balm is that it changes colour based on your body temperature

  2. Natural Mosquito Repellent & Insect Killers

    W-Home provides natural and most efficient Mosquito repellents and Insect Killers. There is a wide range of best quality insect killers and repellent products that you will find at WBM.com.pk. Mosquitos can not only ruin your sleep or cause annoyance but they can also be a fatal threat to your health. Furthermore, creepers like cockroaches and insects or rats can cause trouble as well. So, everyone wants a solution which is a repellent that will be harmless but effective and that is exactly what we offer at WBM. Our repellent watches, bracelets and stickers for kids are especially designed to be totally harmless to the gentle skin of kids while having the best efficiency in killing mosquitoes so they can enjoy a great evening play time. Also, our insect killers, mosquito repellent liquids and cockroach or rat traps are all natural and harm-free. As the monsoon weather is in full swing right now and so are the mosquitoes and insects enjoy a peaceful night sleep and live a trouble-free life by availing the 75% Azadi Sale Offer this Independence Day on our Mosquito Repellents and Insect Killers at WBM.com.pk :

    • Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent Racket
    • Mosquito Repellent Watches for Kids
    • Natural Mosquito Repellent Liquid
    • Best Mosquito Repellent Coil in Pakistan
    • Mosquito Repellent Mat in Pakistan
    • Rat Glue Traps
    • Cockroach Glue Traps
  3. Baby Care Products

    Newborn babies are the most delicate human beings and so they require extra special care and nourishment. WBM Baby Care has keenly manufactured products keeping in mind the delicacy of babies and their needs. Each product is gentle on the skin, 100% natural, ultra nourishing and moisturising to keep the baby’s skin or hair soft, smooth and allergen free. Buy online the following best quality natural baby care products for your little one this Happy Independence Day by availing Azadi Sale offered by WBM.com.pk

    • 100% Natural Oil for Baby

      WBM Hydrating Natural Baby Oil is extremely nourishing and light on the baby’s skin. It creates a moisture barrier keeping the delicate skin smooth and supple. Your baby will love the massage and sleep extra long.

    • Hair Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash for Baby

      This 3 in 1 Baby Care Shampoo is tear free with no artificial colors or harmful chemicals. It nourishes the bay skin deeply and gives a fun hassle-free bath.

    • Gentle Hand Wash for Baby

      WBM Extra Gentle Baby Hand Wash is a paediatrician approved non-irritating harmless hand wash for babies that kills 99.9% of the germs leaving behind a soft gentle clean skin.

    • Face Cream for Baby in Pakistan

      WBM Face Cream for Babies is anti-bacterial, anti-oxidizing and hyper moisturising cream for babies enriched with olive oil, wheat germ oil and honey. It is gentle on the baby skin and helps keep it smooth and germ-free.

    • Baby Care Powder in Pakistan

      WBM Baby Powder absorbs extra moisture from the skin giving a refreshed skin after bath. It leaves the baby’s skin silky and soothing.

    • Nourishing Body Lotion for Baby

      This Hydrating Baby Lotion is made from purely natural plant ingredients free from fragrances which relieves dry patches on the skin leaving behind revitalised and moisturised extra soft and nourished skin.

    • Flushable Baby Wipes in Pakistan

      These extra gentle baby wipes are 2 in 1 and not only help in deep cleansing but also in extra nourishment of skin. These non-fragrant natural wet wipes degrade easily after flushing.

  4. Himalayan Chef Grocery Products

    Himalayan Chef covers a wide range of 100% organic, pure and fresh Grocery and Staples items in Pakistan. Each of these items is sourced from the best origins from around the world and is packed inside eco-friendly and user friendly packaging including jars and zip-locked sealable bags. From farm to your plate, each ingredient is retained in full purity and nutrition. All of the products are gluten-free, vegan and totally natural making your meals not only nutritious but also tasty and aromatic. So that you can relish your meals while fulfilling all your body requirements and can win hearts through your delicious cooking. Moreover, all of our premium quality grocery products have international food certifications and non-GMO approvals. Do not miss out on this amazing Azadi Sale discount offer of 75% off on these best selling high quality products this Independence Day!

    • 100% Natural Spices Online pakistan

      Himalayan Chef provides a wide range of not only staple natural spices like black pepper or salt, but also natural spice recipe mizes to enhance your dishes with the best blend of non-GMO purely natural nutrients, taste and aroma.

    • 100% Natural Pure Pulses

      All kinds of pulses are provided by Himalayan Chef at WBM.com.pk to cater to all kinds of your recipe requirements. All of these pulses are then seal-packed in easy-to-use eco-friendly packaging to retain freshness.

    • Organic Flour in Pakistan

      Himalayan Chef has the following range of dietician approved nutrient-rich flours:

      • Whole Wheat Flour (Chakki Atta)
      • Sugar Control Flour
      • Super Grain Diet Flour
      • Gluten free flour
      • Multigrain Diet Atta
      • Barley Flour (Jau Atta)
      • Rice Flour (chawal Atta)
      • Corn Flour (Makkai Atta)
      • Besan (Gram Flour)
      • Millet Flour (Bajrey ka Atta)
      • Maida (wheat Flour)
      • Baking Powder
    • Premium Quality Basmati Rice

      Another one of our high quality renowned grocery products is Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice which come in different sizes and types serving all preferences, rich in nutrition and beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

      • Basmati Rice
      • Supreme Super Kernel Basmati Rice in Pakistan
      • Parboiled Basmati Rice Pakistan
      • Steam Basmati Rice Pakistan
      • Supreme Kernel Broken Basmati Rice Pakistan
    • Dry Fruits

      You will also find a wide range of dry fruits at WBM.com.pk provided by Himalayan Chef. From peanuts to pine nuts and dried apricots to figs, there is everything available in the best organic quality.

    • Salt Cooking Plates

      Himalayan Chef provides a unique range of cooking plates made from Himalayan Pink Salt which come in different shapes and sizes. These salt cooking plates can not only be used to serve dishes but also to cook them.

    • Pink Salt

      Himalayan Pink Salt has been a top seller since day one. It is rich in benefits for not only health but also your skin and can be used for tons of different purposes. It is essential for hydration, skin cleansing, combating disease, adding flavour and much more. It comes in different shapes, bags, bottle shakers and jars.

Experience Azadi With WBM.com.pk Independence Day Sale 2022

To avail of those early bird Azadi day 75% discount offer and to stay updated throughout the Independence Day sale you can sign up at the WBM.com.pk website. Furthermore, you can celebrate this Azadi day by shopping from anywhere and at any time via the WBM.com.pk shopping website. Shop worry freely, a laundry list of premium quality certified natural products with a 100% money-back guarantee. So, wait no more and get online to grab your desired premium quality items at unbeatable prices with just a click. Enjoy your holiday while your ordered items are delivered at the doorstep. Put on some patriotic Pakistani music and indulge in convenient shopping this Independence Day through the 14th August Azadi Sale!