Complete Guide to Choose the Best Handwash for Better Health

May 08, 2024
Complete Guide to Choose the Best Handwash for Better Health

Maintaining clean hands is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to keep ourselves and others healthy, especially during the hot summer months. Hand hygiene plays a vital role in preventing the spread of diseases like colds, flu, and even more serious infections. In the summertime, as temperatures rise and we spend more time outdoors, our hands come into contact with countless surfaces and objects that may harbor harmful germs and bacteria.

Sweating and increased outdoor activities further accumulate dirt and bacteria on our skin. By washing our hands well, we can reduce the risk of transferring germs to ourselves or others.  It helps break the cycle of infection. Experience the power of handwashing with WBM Handwashes, the chemical free hand wash and natural choice for clean and healthy hands.

Do You Know the Importance of Handwashing?

Handwashing has always been necessary for health. However, considering the prior coronavirus outbreak, it became much more important. Washing your hands regularly not only protects you against illness but also your family members. Furthermore, by preventing the spread of germs at home, you are helping to safeguard others in your community.

Handwashing is one of the most efficient methods of preventing disease spread. Germs may spread from surfaces to our hands and then into our bodies through contact with our mouths, noses, eyes, and faces. Washing our hands eliminates or reduces the quantity of germs present, reducing the risk of diseases like colds, flu, stomach issues, and respiratory disorders.

Tips to Choose the Best Handwash in Pakistan

As the demand for liquid handwashes skyrockets, more companies are entering the market, but not all prioritize safe ingredients. Many hand washes contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. It's essential to select a hand wash that not only kills germs but also moisturizes your skin naturally. Contrary to popular belief, harsher formulas don't necessarily kill germs better; they can be tough on your skin. Natural hand washes i.e. WBM Handwashes are formulated with natural ingredients, offering gentle yet effective cleansing. When choosing a natural hand wash, consider these factors:

⦿ Pleasant Aroma: Opt for hand washes with natural flower or fruit extracts for a mild, chemical-free fragrance like rose, lavender, or lemon. These scents not only leave your hands smelling fresh but also provide a calming sensory experience.

⦿ Moisturizing Properties: Look for ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter to replenish moisture and protect your skin's natural oils. WBM Softening & Moisturizing Handwashes not only remove germs and dirt but also nourish and soothe the skin, making your hands soft and supple.

⦿ Natural Ingredients: Choose hand washes with natural antibacterial ingredients like lavender, lemon, aloe vera, tea tree, and coconut extracts for gentle yet effective cleansing. WBM Natural Solution Handwash helps prevent dryness and leave your hands feeling soft and hydrated, even after multiple washes.

⦿ PH Balance: Select hand washes with a balanced pH formula to maintain the skin's natural defense against bacteria and viruses. A balanced pH ensures that the hand wash is gentle on the skin and does not disrupt its natural barrier, reducing the risk of irritation and dryness.

⦿ SLS and Paraben Free: Avoid hand washes containing harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and parabens. These chemicals can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause irritation. WBM natural hand washes are plant-based, cruelty-free, and contain no harmful ingredients, ensuring gentle care for your skin.

⦿ Pink Himalayan Salt: Consider hand washes containing Pink Himalayan Salt, known for its ability to remove impurities and cleanse the skin. This natural ingredient adds an extra level of purification to your hand-washing routine, leaving your hands feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Top 5 Benefits of Proper Handwashing

⦿ Prevents Food-Borne Illnesses: Nearly all cases of food-borne illnesses stem from improper hand washing. Whether cooking at home or in a professional kitchen, washing hands before and after handling food helps prevent the transfer of harmful bacteria, ensuring that meals are safe to eat.

⦿ Lower Survival Rate of Bacteria: Bacteria are resilient organisms that can linger on hands for days, particularly in areas like nails and cuticles. Regular hand washing removes these bacteria. It reduces their survival rate and stops them from spreading or causing infections.

⦿ Fights Antibiotic Resistance: Proper hand washing can prevent many stomach and respiratory illnesses. This reduces the need for antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics creates resistance. But, handwashing combats this threat by reducing illness spread.

⦿ Promotes Children's Health: Teaching children the importance of proper hand-washing habits has far-reaching benefits. It reduces the spread of sickness in places like daycare centers and schools. It protects both kids and adults from common infections.

⦿ Prevents Infections: Our hands are in contact with various surfaces, and we touch our faces many times an hour. Washing hands well cuts the risk of bacteria entering the body. They enter through the eyes, nose, and mouth. This stops infections and illnesses before they start.

7 Steps to Washing Your Hands Properly

Handwashing steps are as follows:

⦿ Step 0: Wet Your Hands & Apply WBM Care Liquid Handwash

To begin, thoroughly wet your hands with clean water. Dispense enough hand wash to cover your entire hands and wrists.

⦿ Step 1: Rub Your Palms Together

Now, initiate the scrubbing process by bringing your palms together and rubbing them in circular motions.

⦿ Step 2: Rub the Back of Each Hand with Interlaced Fingers

Proceed by placing your right palm over the back of your left hand, intertwining your fingers. Rub them together, ensuring all surfaces are covered. Repeat this action with your left palm over the back of your right hand.

⦿ Step 3: Rub Your Hands With Intertwined Fingers

Continue cleaning between your fingers by interlocking them and rubbing your palms together.

⦿ Step 4: Rub the Back of Your Fingers

Focus on cleaning the back of your fingers by clenching your fists and intertwining your fingers. Rub them against your palms and switch hands to ensure thorough cleaning.

⦿ Step 5: Rub Your Thumbs

Clean around your thumbs by wrapping one hand over the other thumb and rubbing it in circular motions. Repeat the step with the other thumb.

⦿ Step 6: Rub the Tips of Your Fingers

To clean the tips of your fingers, rub them in circular motions on the palm of the opposite hand. Repeat this action with the other hand to clean both sets of fingertips.

⦿ Step 7: Rinse & Dry Your Hands

Conclude the handwashing process by rinsing your hands with clean water to wash away all soap residue.  Then, dry your hands using a clean towel or allow them to air-dry completely.


Handwashing is essential, especially when we're spending more time outside in the summer. Washing our hands properly helps us stay healthy and stops germs from spreading to others. It's smart to pick a hand wash that's gentle on our skin and doesn't have harsh stuff in it. WBM Handwashes are a perfect choice for you because we use natural ingredients that are good for the skin. We also provide liquid handwash refill pouches at the best price, delivering a convenient and eco-friendly way to replenish your handwash supply. So, make sure you wash your hands well and choose a premium quality hand wash at the best price in Pakistan that keeps your hands clean and healthy.