About Us

What is WBM Company?

WBM, which stands for World Business Management, is a prominent manufacturing and retail business that has established itself as a global leader. The company is committed to conducting sustainable business practices and has implemented long-term strategies for both sustainable growth and the production of high-quality products.

Headquartered in Flemington, New Jersey, WBM operates in various areas such as production, distribution, and sales of a wide range of products. The company's journey began with Himalayan Pink Salt, which it mined from the Himalayan Ranges. WBM quickly became one of the largest exporters and producers of this salt, which served as the foundation for its operations. Since then, WBM has expanded its offerings and now includes a diverse portfolio of certified brands and quality products.

With a focus on diversification and innovation, WBM has been delivering efficient, innovative, and cost-effective products for the past 25 years. The company covers major segments of everyday life, including Grocery & Staples, Health & Beauty, Personal Care, Household Products, and Smart Home Electronics. This comprehensive range of products allows WBM to fulfill the diverse needs of consumers under one roof. One of WBM's key priorities is providing quality products, and to ensure customer satisfaction, the company offers a money-back guarantee. Leveraging its distribution channels and innovative technology, WBM strives to meet the needs of end-consumers effectively. Over time, WBM has evolved into a cross-industry and cross-sectional investment enterprise. The company has a significant presence in various sectors, including production areas, scientific research, investment, and sales. With manufacturing units in five continents and a presence in over 100 countries, WBM has truly established a global footprint.

In summary, WBM is a leading international corporation engaged in manufacturing, distribution, and retail. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and quality, the company offers a wide range of products to cater to consumers' everyday needs.

Why Buy Products from WBM?

The three pillars of WBM's business strategy are quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. All products from WBM are manufactured from natural or organic ingredients. Each product in every category has International Certifications. Our Quality Control Specialists ensure that we adhere to all International Quality & Safety Standards. The brand is dedicated to protecting the environment and utilizing innovation to reduce the harmful impact and contribute to the betterment of the health of the earth. We provide a 100% money-back promise and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

WBM Biggest Online Selling Marketplace in Pakistan

WBM is aimed to offer customers the most innovative solutions possible. The brand believes to move forward with the transformation of the complete purchasing process. Providing customers with the most effective all-encompassing one-stop solution. WBM has join hands with online selling marketplace including Amazon, Daraz, Metro, CSD, Carrefour, etc.

What are the Top Selling Brands of WBM?

WBM Care: This brand focuses on personal care products, including skincare, hair care, body care, and oral care. It offers a wide range of natural and organic products that cater to the needs of individuals seeking gentle and effective personal care solutions.

WBM Home: WBM Home offers a variety of household products designed to enhance everyday living. This brand covers items such as cleaning supplies, air fresheners, home fragrances, and other essentials for maintaining a clean and pleasant living environment.

WBM Smart: WBM Smart is the brand that specializes in smart home electronics and technology. It provides a range of innovative and intelligent products for home automation, including smart lighting, security systems, thermostats, and other connected devices.

WBM Men Care: This brand focuses on grooming and personal care products specifically designed for men. It offers a range of products such as shaving essentials, beard care, body wash, and grooming accessories tailored to meet the needs of the modern man.

WBM Naturals: WBM Naturals emphasizes natural and eco-friendly products that promote a healthy lifestyle. This brand offers a diverse range of items, including natural supplements, herbal remedies, essential oils, and wellness products.

WBM Baby Care: WBM Baby Care caters to the needs of infants and young children. It offers a range of baby care products such as baby wipes, diapers, baby skincare, and other essentials to ensure the well-being of little ones.

Himalayan Chef:  Himalayan Chef deliberately provides freshness through the secured food supply chain globally and is the only grocery & food brand and the biggest retailer in the market to mark its foot when it’s a matter of purity & freshness.

These are just a few examples of the top selling brands associated with WBM Group of Companies. The corporation's commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability extends across its various product lines, providing consumers with a wide range